The ideal membership for pursuing a mature faith

Following Christ is not merely about going to church, it’s about growing in Christlikness

I’m sure you’ve seen examples of Christ’s character in scripture and heard that we are to be imitators of Him.

Have you considered you need to imitate his knowledge of the faith?
Jesus understood the scriptures so much better than the Jewish leaders did!

We too are called to love the Lord with ALL our mind by deeply understanding the faith 


So how can you do that?

Is there more you can do to diligently apply yourself to learn about the Christian life?
Where can you go to intentionally develop Christlike character AND build a robust understanding of your faith?

Introducing the...

Read. Think. Grow.

People who read grow | People who think grow

Books are of no value if you don’t read them. The Growth Membership helps you read the best books, gives you a space to think together with fellow believers, and encourages you to grow!

We’ve seen this help our members…

  • Grow in Christlike character
  • Develop a robust understanding of their faith
  • Become more effective in applying Biblical truth to their lives

The Growth Membership is designed to help everyday Christians develop godly character and rich depth in their walk with Christ by focusing on just one area of biblical growth at a time.

Each month we focus on one important topic and explain what it looks like, why it is important, and how to implement it in your life.

We also provide opportunities to learn how to dig into this subject in more detail so that you can go further and answer your own questions that come up as we study the subject together.

What You Get When You Become A Growth Member


By signing up to the Growth Membership, you get access to a community of like-minded people, regular content revolving around our monthly theme, and two live calls per month!

Regular Content Drops

New content will be delivered twice weekly. One article is focused on the significance of this topic – why it is important and how it works – and the other on the practicalities of this topic.

Application Reading Track

Every other month we select and recommend a book focused around particular characteristics of godliness and Christlikeness along with a reading plan for the book. These are practical and easily applied in a variety of life circumstances (family, ministry, work, etc).

Interpretation Reading Track

Every other month we’ll select a book that is intended to enrich your faith in some way. These books are sometimes more academic, sometimes easy to read but always interesting and take you beyond the subjects you’d normally encounter in church. 

Tools Call (How to Study)

Each month we’ll look at tools and resources you can use to study this month’s topic in more depth, using Logos Bible Software. You don’t need to use Logos Bible Software, but we’re using it and can share our screen so you see what we’re doing, what resources we use, and answer any questions you have.

Monthly Wrap-up Call

At the end of the month we’ll have a wrap up call, where we will discuss the topic we’ve looked at, how its impacted us and learn from each other’s experiences. 

Don’t forget ALL our calls are recorded and made available afterwards if you can’t make the call!

All our material is interactive, meaning you get to engage with the Biblical Mastery Academy team and our enthusiastic members in discussion every week. 

The Growth Membership will help you to…

By Focusing On Your Own Growth...
You Will Have A Greater Impact In Ministry.

In one of our recent surveys, we noticed that 91% of people who answered say they have a ministry. 

So, chances are, you have a ministry in which you’d like to grow. 

Perhaps you want to lovingly lead your wife with a servant heart as you study the Bible and worship together at home.

Maybe you want to get others excited about studying God’s word.

Maybe you feel the need for a richer, more joyful walk with God which flows out into Bible teaching and discipleship of others. 

Maybe you’re homeschooling your kids and you know you need a firm foundation. 

Whatever your ministry is, it can only become more effective if you are going through the personal growth you want to see in others. 

Whether you desire to grow in...

...the Growth Membership will give you a path to follow that ensures your personal transformation comes first.

Why Reading As A Spiritual Discipline?

For years I struggled to read. 

But when I started reading, I found my growth took off


Because reading is a great way to walk in the thoughts and experiences of others, and this challenges us to hear what the Lord has been doing in the lives and hearts of others throughout the centuries. 

Think about that for a moment, we have 20 centuries of the Holy Spirit leading other disciples of Christ behind us. 

The Holy Spirit didn’t just start with you or me! Smarter and godlier people have gone before us, and many are still with us today!

We should be drawing on that! 

But in our current cultural climate, its tempting to think that we’re on an island cut off from the riches of the Christian heritage. 

This doesn’t mean everything in church history was right and good, but it does mean we can learn from it all! 

By reading and thinking with those who have gone before us, we expand our understanding beyond where we would go in our regular day to day life.

Reading with a group amplifies the benefits of reading!

For example

How often do you talk
to scholars who are experts in...

These are the kinds of subjects we cover in our interpretation track

In addition, in the application track we’ll cover subjects such as:

Don’t read much? No problem!

We don’t expect every member to read every book.

In fact, the reading is entirely optional, though we hope to encourage you to read a little more. 😉

The weekly articles are intended to be short and digestible (around 300-450 words each – around one to one and a half pages). If all you have time to do is read those, then it won’t take too long at all, and you’ll still get huge benefit from the membership!

Not only that, but you’ll also be able to benefit from the insights and posts that other members leave as we meditate on each topic together.

The Growth Membership Brings Discipline, Structure and Consistency To Your Daily Walk With Christ

.... It's all about focusing one one theme every month!

If you struggle with lack of structure in your studies and devotionals, the Growth Membership will help you to focus on one area of growth at a time. 

Because we offer one biblical theme a month, you’ll have one area of study to zero in on, and you don’t even need to plan it! 

We provide weekly content to help you grow and experience biblical transformation relating to the theme. 

Our theme for the month of June is humility. For this topic we’ll be reading the practical and relatable Gospel Powered Humility by William P. Farley. 

Logos Bible Software logo

Study Each Month's Theme With Our Monthly Tools Call!

Every month, Growth Members will get the opportunity to join a live call to learn how to use tools like Logos Bible Software, books and other tools to study this subject or topic in more detail. 

This call will be an opportunity for you to gain skills to make your study times even more effective.

You’re also welcome to ask questions and share your own insight and learnings! 

Every call will be recorded and posted in the community, so even if you miss out on attending live, you will be able to watch the replay. 

Growth Membership

USD $15/month
  • Learn and Grow in a Member-Only Community
  • New Biblical Topic of Application Every Month
  • Book of the Month Relating to Monthly Theme (Book not included in membership fee)
  • Monthly Book Call
  • Book Reading Plan
  • Regular Content Drops To Help You Apply Scripture To Daily Life
  • Monthly Tools Call
  • Weekly Accountability Check-Ins
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Last Chance Bonuses:

Lock In Your Bonus Hub Access | This sale only!

Dive Deeper into the Word of God with these bonuses!

Greek Hub

The Greek Hub is our exclusive, paid discussion group for all things Greek. If you're self studying New Testament Greek, you'll find this group incredibly beneficial.

We're giving all Growth Members a free pass to join the Greek Hub so that you can discuss Greek, ask questions, and make headway in your Greek studies.

We have 500+ members in the Greek Mastery Membership, many of whom would love to support you in your Greek studies!,

Greek Office Hours

Join these calls to ask a Greek instructor your questions about Greek! Wherever you're up to in your studies, the Office Hours is there for you to get help, clarity and support so that you can move forward!

Greek Workshop Calls

Join these calls to discuss, translate and read through Greek New Testament texts. Grow in your ability to work with the original languages of scripture in a group setting, led by an instructor!

Hebrew Hub

The Hebrew Hub is our exclusive, paid discussion group for all things Hebrew. If you're self studying Old Testament Hebrew, you'll find this group incredibly beneficial.

We're giving all Growth Members a free pass to join the Hebrew Hub so that you can discuss Hebrew, ask questions, and make headway in your Hebrew studies.

We have 40+ members in the Hebrew Mastery Membership, many of whom would love to support you in your Hebrew studies!

Hebrew Office Hours

Join these calls to ask a Hebrew instructor your questions about Hebrew! Wherever you're up to in your studies, the Office Hours is there for you to get help, clarity and support so that you can move forward!

Hebrew Workshop Calls

Coming soon!

Total Value Of These Bonuses: $50/month

You Pay $0 extra! It's All Included In Your Growth Membership Fee!


These bonuses will be incredibly useful to you if you have a desire to start, refresh or continue in studying the original languages of the Bible. 

Usually these bonuses are for Mastery Members who are enrolled in Greek or Hebrew with us, they’re available to you for the last time during this opening of the Growth Membership!

 If you miss this offer, you’ll have to pay and optional $5 a month extra (on top of your Growth Membership cost) for Hub access. 

 Don’t miss out on this bonus access to other members studying the languages and our instructors! 

Meet The Team Serving You In The Growth Membership

Dr. Darryl Burling

Ph.D., Biblical Counseling
Founder & CEO,
Growth Membership & Greek Mastery Membership Product Manager

I grew up in a small rural New Zealand town. The Lord graciously opened my eyes to see the supremacy of Christ and granted me repentance when I was 17.

A few years later I married my wonderful wife and began a career in information technology. After working in this industry for fifteen years, the Lord opened an opportunity for theological training in the United States.

I completed a bachelors degree in Biblical Counselling and a Master of Divinity, then returned to New Zealand in 2015,  where I began to work on my PhD through the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. I graduated with my doctorate in Biblical Counselling with a minor in Biblical Spirituality in May, 2019. 

During the time I was writing my dissertation, I began to teach on the practical outworkings of Spiritual Growth through my own online platform. The Lord has been gracious to give me the opportunity to disciple, counsel, and serve Christians looking to grow in their walk with Christ. 

Natasha Burling

B.A., Biblical Studies
Content Assistant

I struggled immensely in my walk with God for years after becoming a Christian. Despite going to church, reading the Bible, and praying, I constantly struggled with shame, fear, depression, doubts about my salvation, and feeling condemned by God.

It was crippling. I was less “walking” with God and more “hobbling” or “falling”.

But in the Lord’s providence, I was drawn to study Scripture at The Master’s University, where I slowly learnt how to apply God’s Word to my life and struggles.

As a result, over these past years, my life has radically changed! Though I am far from perfect, and some days are a struggle, my walk with God is no longer marked by “hobbling” but more consistent obedience, freedom from guilt, rich devotional times, confidence in God’s promises, and joy in Christ’s sufficiency.

This can be true for you too!

One of my greatest desires is to see people thrive in knowing and walking with the Lord. From personal experience, I can attest that this happens in the power of God as we understand, trust and apply His words to our specific circumstances and struggles. For as long as God allows, I want to encourage you to live this out for yourself so that you might personally grow in savoring the sufficiency of Christ.

What People Have Said About Past Programs...

I have (historically) viewed my quiet time as similar to time with a close friend - meetings to keep the relationship current and growing, to know each other better, to avoid 'drifting apart'. Now I'm changing (as a result of this course) towards a focus on becoming more Christ-like, or holy. This comes from a growing understanding that God's purpose for us all is sanctification. I think this is a great course, helpful, practical and I enjoyed the way it was presented. Thanks so much Darryl!


TQT Customer

Transformative Quiet Times has given me a very clear purpose for my quiet times and has helped me to grow in spiritual maturity. It's a very practical, adaptable, and manageable course that will have ongoing benefits for years to come. I have no hesitations to recommend it to others, it's definitely worth the investment!


TQT Customer, Pastor

Knowing the purpose of having a quiet time - as a tool God can use in our pursuit of godliness - makes it so much more worthwhile than just ticking the box that it has been done! Also, the suggestion that it doesn't have to be every single day was remarkably freeing. I would recommend this course to any Christian who is keen to see spiritual growth in their life.


TQT Customer

Before Transformative Quiet Times I did not know how to have the discipline to engage with God. Now I have a clear direction. I have learned the purpose and the way to approach my God relationship. Darryl does a wonderful job in guiding and directing our path to God. He offers many reading and teaching materials and even a sermon or two. He did not focus on any denomination. He taught from the Bible specifically. He is an honest man and very interested in his students wellbeing. Thank you Darryl.


TQT Customer

The foundations of the Christian life are critical to long term effectiveness in living for Christ. In "Transformative Quiet Times" you will discover the foundations to building a healthy and strong Christian walk. If you want your love for Christ to continue to grow over time, then you need to know how this happens. "Transformative Quiet Times" is not a program you follow as much as it is a way of life you adopt. This training is clear, concise, real to life, directive but most of all life changing. I highly recommend it to every believer, new or old.


TQT Customer, Pastor

I have definitely benefitted from this Programme. The TQT is life transforming .... it’s all targeting the heart which is the key and 100% truthful and scriptural. Well worth it.


TQT Customer


I am quite a structured person but to the point of not changing that structure and so to decide to do Foundations of Personal Transformation and be open to change (and great change I might add) has been freeing and refreshing. I was just reading my bible and ticking the box, now I do a passage a day, chase a few rabbits to gain more understanding, all after looking at my own heart first for an honest evaluation.
Through these fresh eyes I look forward to my time in the morning, and with that my desire is growing to spend time with my Lord, to hear from Him through His Word, and to be a doer not just a hearer. Thank you so much.


FPT Customer

This foundational course addressed my heart towards quiet times, my personal tendencies, and encouraged me to love God more and be in His word.

I look forward to using this course as a tool to train my children in matters of the heart. That it may cause their hearts to be transformed also.


FPT Customer

It revolutionized my mornings which benefits the rest of the day
The journal template has become a "mini accountability partner" prompting me to do the important things.


FPT Customer

FPT is the real deal. It is transformational in speaking to the very heart of our faith and of who we are in Christ.
It is practical in application, and the lessons are invaluable in guiding us in how to use our time well. Darryl is knowledgable and speaks from the heart and from a wealth of experience. He listens and answers questions and concerns thoroughly and with great understanding. Highly recommend.


FPT Customer

It has been a blessing by being served by you for the glory of God. The course helped me a lot to my edification. All that I was doing, it was unplanned routine. It has helped me to start to a new
Year - following a particular reading plan.
The course also revitalized me in my prayer life and to have a prayer list. I will start a new year at high note.


FPT Customer

I was overwhelmed at the thought of getting through Greek. Could I really do this? What I realized was that I was not alone. The more people I talked to in the cohorts and listened too in the class were also struggling, yet we all had one thing in common and that was we were all making small consistent steps. That was the key, to just keep taking small consistent steps. The encouragement by Darryl and the community helped me push past the desire to give up. I began to feel that as long as I was moving forward, I would someday get to where I wanted to be, reading God's word in the original language.


Greek Mastery Member

This mastery membership has been essential for me to get my goal, which I will get in the future. I am really happy about the Hebrew and OT side coming available


Greek Mastery Member

I questioned signing up for Biblical Mastery Academy. Is this program legitimate? Is it worth the money? What kind of a teacher is Darryl Burling?
Despite my questions, I decided to give the program a try. When I signed in to the community for the first time, I thought, “Whoa! This is amazing!” I love the structure of the Milestones which take me step by step through the entire New Testament teaching me grammar and syntax in small bites along the way. The community of people in the program is friendly and encouraging and they cheer me on in my progress. My questions are answered promptly.
Darryl is always adding new content to the program. After being in the program for less than two years, I can now read the New Testament devotionally using the Greek text. My devotional time is richer and I am able to study with more depth. I thought I might learn Greek in this program. I did not expect the personal benefit of character development. Studying the Greek language has helped me to develop diligence, humility, and persistence.


Greek Mastery Member

At the time that I joined I was working a busy job and quite time-poor, but I joined into a cohort working through a beginning Greek text. This doesn't just involve reading a text, which is largely what an autodidact without support is limited to - Darryl also has videos discussing the text on his website. I found all this to be a positive motivational factor, making me accountable week-by-week, and for the first time I made it through to the end of the text. This for me was quite an achievement, and not something I would have ever done without having signed up.


Greek Mastery Member

The step-by-step approach beginning with a very clear and helpful textbook (Merkle and Plummer) has been the major breakthrough for me. The weekly lessons on the site combined with the text and Darryl's homework sheets have kept me focused and making steady progress. It gives me hope that finally, after two or three years, I will be able to read the entire Greek NT, which I had not been able to before. And, as a bonus, some Septuagint and Apostolic Fathers.


Greek Mastery Member

The membership has provided accountability and motivation to keep up with Greek. It has offset the loneliness factor to an extent, since outside of the membership or a seminary program, one is hard pressed to find anyone with whom one can find support and share the love of studying Greek.


Growth Member (Greek)

We are committed to supporting you!

The Growth Membership is a community-based hub that helps you grow in Christlikeness through engaging with themed content.

Because we’re offering a new theme every month, you will experience a much broader scope of growth than if we were only focusing on devotional time. 

There will be devotional elements packed into the rich content we deliver, meaning you will be able to take the content and incorporate it into your scripture studies, prayers, journaling ands more. 

Become A Member Today And Lock In Your Bonuses!

Growth Membership

USD $15/month
  • Learn and Grow in a Member-Only Community
  • New Biblical Topic of Application Every Month
  • Book of the Month Relating to Monthly Theme (Book not included in membership fee)
  • Monthly Book Call
  • Book Reading Plan
  • Regular Content Drops To Help You Apply Scripture To Daily Life
  • Monthly Tools Call
  • Weekly Accountability Check-Ins
  • BONUS: Greek and Hebrew Hubs
  • BONUS: Greek and Hebrew Office Hours
  • BONUS: Greek and Hebrew Workshop Calls
Join Now, Cancel Anytime. You're Protected By Our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Where will you be one year from today?

One Monthly Focus, One Monthly Transformation

By focusing on one theme or topic each month, it allows us to go deep in that one topic, to apply it to our lives, and be changed by it.

If we did that just once, it would be great, right?

But what happens when we compound this, by repeating it with new topics each month?

That’s when the transformation really kicks in.

Growth Members continue to focus on key areas of character, find new areas to grow in, and get a broader, richer and more engaging understanding of your faith than they ever thought possible without going to seminary.

Maybe you’re thinking… 

I went to seminary so I already know all this...

I went to seminary too. It was great, I loved being stretched and discovering the depth and richness of the Christian worldview.

But I missed that when I left seminary… until now.

The Growth Membership is a great way to continue to grow and discover like in seminary but at a reasonable pace and with a group of other like-minded believers.

Ready to develop
a rational, profoundly deep, and rich faith
that imitates Christ, revealing Him
in your every day life in very practical ways?


Can You Give A List Of Books We Will Be Reading This Year?

We have intentionally left the book list out when writing this page. Not because we don’t have a list of books, but we want to respond to members around the order of our subjects. This may mean we change the books or order of books, and we wouldn’t want you to go out and buy a whole bunch of books if we don’t end up reading them! However, with that disclaimer out the way, here’s a sample list of some of the books we are thinking of introducing this year: 

Desiring God, John Piper

Introduction to the Septuagint, Greg Lanier & William Ross

How People Change, Lane and Tripp

Finding the Right Hills to Die On, Gavin Ortlund

Life in the Father’s House, Swavely and Mack

Redeeming Productivity, Reagan Rose

Love Thy Body, Nancy Pearcey

… And many more like these!

Is There a Weekly Time Commitment For Members?

There’s an old saying, “what you put in is what you get out”. That is the case with the Growth Membership. It’s your call how much effort you want to put into studying each of the themes of the month, how many of our videos you want to watch, how many articles you want to read and engage with, how many books you want to read and how many live calls you want to attend. 

We make it easy for you by providing rich, applicable material, meaning that even if you only have a couple of hours a week to put into this membership, you will still get a lot out of it. 

If you aim to read the book of the month, you are probably looking at spending a few hours a week reading. But you don’t have to read every book, and we’ll let you know what books we’re going to be reading a month in advance so you’ll have extra time to get ahead. We believe that growing Christians are reading Christians, so adding reading as a spiritual discipline will be a huge blessing to your walk with Christ!

All that to say: You can spend as little as 1 hour a week in the Growth Membership, but there is no upward limit!

Is This For a Particular "Type" Of Christian? Age? Gender? Vocation?

This is for any and every Christian who wants to grow in Christlikeness. None of us have “arrived” there yet.

No matter how long you’ve been walking with the Lord for, or how you have served in ministry, there will be ways for you to grow inside the Growth Membership. 

Throughout the years, Dr. Burling has served people from all ages, stages and ministerial backgrounds in his other Spiritual Growth programs (check out some of the testimonies above). 

Got another question? Write to us at support[at]