Preparing for Seminary? 

Want to Refresh your Greek but don’t want to spend a year doing it? 

Preparing for further education? 

The Beginning Greek Accelerator is designed for you!

Test out of Beginning Greek in 10 Weeks!

Learn everything you need to develop confidence reading and studying the New Testament in Greek in less than 3 months!

Really grateful for this amazing programme!
It never occurred to me until recently that I could ever read the Bible in Greek. A couple of days ago I had "Εἶπεν δὲ αὐτοῖς ὁ Ἰησοῦς, Ἐγώ εἰμι ὁ ἄρτος τῆς ζωῆς" pop up in a Bible app and I understood it!! It's great to have an immediate reward for the Small Steps already taken!
I've gone from total beginner to being able to understand basic sentences in a fortnight; thank you so much for making this possible!

Fiona V

Welcome to
Biblical Mastery Academy's

Beginning Greek Accelerator

Join our small, dedicated group as we 
accelerate through beginning Greek in just 10 weeks 

Starting May 28

Finishing in time for the Spring Semester

Prepare to put aside translations and engage directly with the word of God in the original languages, immersing yourself in the language and worldview of the original authors. 

As you eliminate the need for translations, you’ll read the New Testament with greater clarity, gain new confidence, become more efficient in your study and see connections you didn’t see before. 

Reading the New Testament in the original Greek opens up
a whole new way of understanding the word of God.

In 10 weeks, develop the skills to read John’s epistles in New Testament Greek!

Here’s how:

Brand New 10-Week Course in a Step-by-Step Framework

We've taken more than a year's study and compiled it into under 3 months of potent growth

Comprehensive Human Support

Each week, we'll host 2 exclusive live calls to provide support, and keep you on track. You also get direct access to 3 experienced Greek instructors!

Customed Designed Grammar and Course

Beginning Greek reimagined - small, easily achievable lessons, and everything you need to learn and master beginning Greek.

Private App for Learning and Reference

Wherever you are, you've got the entire course, videos, grammar, worksheets, access to instructors and a community of learners with you in our exclusive app

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John Doe


Benefits of the Beginning Greek Accelerator

If you’re thinking about starting seminary, here are four excellent reasons to take advantage of the Beginning Greek Accelerator.

1. Jump into advanced Greek right away

The curriculum of some seminaries assumes you’ve already completed beginning Greek before you start. That means you might need to use two electives to complete beginning Greek. Completing beginning Greek before seminary means you have more elective options. 

It also means you can benefit by developing your Greek exegesis skills in your first semester, giving you the opportunity to take more advanced Greek courses as you progress. 

Even if you’re not planning on going to seminary, completing beginning Greek qualifies you to take more advanced Greek courses with Biblical Mastery Academy if you’d like to take them!

2. Complete the curriculum faster or reduce your course load

If beginning Greek is a requirement that you’d normally include in your academic course of study, check with your seminary to see if they’ll accept cross credit from another institution on completion of beginning Greek, or allow you to test out of beginning Greek for credit. This would reduce your total semester load by two classes, possibly allowing you to finish earlier, or to reduce your course load.

3. Test out of beginning Greek

Testing out of beginning Greek is a common practice in seminaries. For many the test is comprised of parsing, and translation, often of texts from 1 John. 

Beginning Greek in Small Steps is designed to give you the skills and vocabulary to be able to read and translate 1-3 John when you finish. In fact, inside the Greek Mastery Membership this is what we do right after completing beginning Greek!

2. Save money

Taking Greek in seminary can be expensive. Normally you’ll pay per credit hour for beginning Greek, and often beginning Greek is broken into two courses, each of which is three credit hours. 

For the sake of this discussion, let’s assume you’re going to pay $500 per credit hour. Six credit hours of beginning Greek will cost you $3000. If you had the opportunity to get through beginning Greek before you start seminary, that’s $3000 you can put toward any class you want, or that you might not even need to spend! 

Many seminaries charge more than $500 per credit hour, not many charge less, and not much less. 

How is the Beginning Greek Accelerator different?

Short, Focused Intensity

It normally takes a year to learn to read and study the text of 1 John. Most grammars are designed to be completed in two semesters, and there is not much flexibility in the cohort to change that pace. A lot can happen in a year which can interrupt your progress and make it hard to keep up. Completing a class in 10 weeks allows you to focus with more intensity over a short amount of time. The higher commitment keeps you motivated and engaged. After all, it’s only 10 weeks!  

A Clear Daily Assignment

The Beginning Greek Accelerator takes advantage of our incredibly flexible Beginning Greek in Small Steps course. Beginning Greek in Small Steps consists of 20 modules, each with three lessons in it. In addition, we have a review after every four modules. 

Each Module includes:

  • Three lessons
  • Bonus instruction (e.g. how to use Logos Bible Software as you learn)
  • Vocabulary to learn

The Beginning Greek Accelerator takes you through Beginning Greek in Small Steps with one lesson to complete each day. Each lesson consists of:

  •  A video explaining the concepts in this lesson
  • Downloadable grammar notes (with instructions for building your own personal book in Logos)
  • Our worksheet to help you Learn the concepts, Review previous lessons
  • Exercises that help you internalize and practice the material you’ve learned
  • Downloadable slides
By completing one lesson each day (estimated about 2 hours throughout the day) you will develop the skills and understanding to read and study 1 John and beyond. 

More Help

The Beginning Greek Accelerator gives you more access to instructors during the 10 week program than any other program we know of. 

First we have two exclusive weekly calls designed to help you through the assigned work each week. 

Each week you will work through two modules of Beginning Greek in Small Steps, each consisting of three lessons. We host a live call on zoom twice a week (Monday and Thursday) where we discuss and review what you learned in the previous module, clarify anything that was unclear, and introduce you to the content in the next module. 

We post the replays of these calls right after the call finishes.

But that’s not all.

We also have an exclusive Beginning Greek Accelerator chat. If you get stuck, you can always leave a message in our Beginning Greek Accelerator chat, and help will be at hand! Our instructors are located in different timezones around the world, meaning we can normally answer quickly.

Whether you’re new or your Greek has rusted over decades of neglect, we’ll break everything down using our proven framework, so you can make small, consistent steps every day

I’m excited that you’ve got ambitious academic goals, but I know what it’s like to have deadlines to meet those goals. 

Like you, I had deadlines for my academic studies. Not only was I eager to maximize the time I had in seminary and focus my studies to make the most of the faculty and courses available,  but I also had financial penalties if I didn’t meet those deadlines. 

Fortunately, I completed Beginning Greek before I started my seminary training, which gave me additional electives and allowed me to jump into more advanced Greek in my first semester. 

My specially designed beginning Greek course, Beginning Greek in Small Steps, is a clear, detailed, and incredibly flexible approach to learning to read and study the original text of the New Testament to prepare you for your academic studies. 

I hope you’ll join us for our Beginning Greek Accelerator, starting May 28!

Dr. Darryl Burling
Greek Instructor, Creator of Beginning Greek in Small Steps
and founder of Biblical Mastery Academy

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