Keeping Up Your Greek and Hebrew Skills is Hard...

The Community Makes It Easy.

As A Member, You'll Get Live Office Hours Calls, Text Reading Calls, A Reading Academy, PLUS Support From Instructors And 350+ Members To Help You Keep Powering Ahead In The Biblical Languages

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$25 USD/month

The Community Membership Gives You All That You Need To Keep Growing In Your Language Skills

So That You Don't Get Stuck On One Grammar For Years.

Learning a language on your own is hard work. So is advancing in your reading skills. That’s why we created the Community Membership – to give you the support you need to grow in your language skills.

Some members of the Biblical Mastery Academy Community report having worked through grammars for years on their own until they joined Biblical Mastery Academy. 

Like Preston, who says: 

It took me about 7 years to get through first year Greek by reading Mounce’s textbook on my own and watching his DVD lectures. I kept having to go back over pervious chapters because I wasn’t being consistent, so that made getting around to finishing the last few chapters pretty hard.

I was using paper flashcards which also made it hard to retain the vocab. When I finished BBG, I figured that I would just use a reader’s edition for the rest of my life because of the diminishing returns with learning more vocab.

However, when I saw how
Biblical Mastery Academy was set up, I was sold on mastery.

Now I have read thru 12 NT books and have 1800 vocab words in Flashcards deluxe!
Preston Buchanan
BMA Member

Or Neil, who says: 

Well I took 20 years to finish Dobson on my own. Putting it down then taking it up again starting from the beginning after 3-4 years break each time. I was on my own and life and various struggles got in the way.

What really pushed me forwards was joining the Greek Mastery Membership and the Community and having the accountability, encouragement and tools to start working through the New a testament in full.
Neil Ellson
BMA Member

Once you’ve got the basic vocabulary and grammar of a language down, the question becomes…

How do I consistently grow in my language skills?

The answer is found in the Biblical Mastery Academy Community!

The Community Provides:

Instructors, Moderators, and 350+ Members To Help You With Greek and Hebrew

Weekly Office Hours Calls and Text Reading Calls for Greek (Hebrew coming soon!)

A Reading Academy With A Monthly Book On Either Greek, Hebrew, or Early Church History

These Three Elements Provide the Support, Structure and Motivation You Need for Growth in Your Language Skills


Having instructors, moderators and other members who can help you when you get stuck is invaluable. 

You can post a question in the Community when you’ve hit a wall somewhere in your language learning, and you’ll get helpful replies usually within the hour. 

It’s also a great forum for discussion with like-minded people on a mission to know the word of God more intimately.

Our instructors who host the weekly calls are all active in the community, regularly posting valuable content to help you along your journey. 


The regular live calls offer you a structured path of growth. Every week you can attend: 

  • A Greek or Hebrew Office Hours Call – A Q&A call where you can bring anything you’re struggling with and walk away with clarity. 
  • A Greek or Hebrew Text Reading Call – A call for reading the text together and taking turns translating as you read. This call helps you grow in your translating confidence and reading comprehension

Currently we have 2 Office Hours Calls per week (one for each language) and 2 Text Reading Calls (both for Greek). As the membership grows, we’ll add more calls for more time zones! If you miss a call, all calls are recorded and the replay is posted in the community. You can even use an advanced search feature to see if specific topics were covered in the call!

Current Call Schedule in the Community

All times in PDT: 

Greek Text Reading Calls: Mondays, 4pm. Tuesdays, 11am. 

Greek Office Hours: Mondays, 2pm

Hebrew Office Hours: Wednesdays 11am

Reading Academy Call: First Wednesday of each month (time varies)


The Monthly Reading Academy Call is for your intellectual and spiritual growth.

Reading the books in the Reading Academy will keep you growing in your love for scripture, the biblical languages, and early church history! 

We alternate the book topics every month. Here are some of the books we’ve read in the past (before we added Hebrew to the mix):


Praise for the Community:

Right Now, You Can Get All This Support, Structure, and Growth for Less Than The Price of a Donut A Day

The Community Membership currently sits at $25/month. That’s 83c a day!

With access to a network of supportive people who are on the same journey as you…

Weekly calls that offer you personal help and guidance in the languages…

And a Reading Academy to help you grow in your love for Greek, Hebrew and Church History…  

$25 a month is a no-brainer.  

And as long as you remain a member in good standing, you’ll never have to pay a cent extra, even if I put the price up. 

Dr. Darryl Burling

Creator, Biblical Mastery Academy

We look forward to serving you inside the Community!

I and the other instructors are looking forward to being a blessing to you in your language learning. 

We love seeing members succeed in attaining each small step toward mastery. Every little win counts, and that’s what we’re about. 

We look forward to partnering with you on your journey towards mastery of the biblical languages. 


When are the live calls currently scheduled?

All times in PDT: 

Greek Text Reading Calls: Mondays, 4pm. Tuesdays, 11am. 

Greek Office Hours: Mondays, 2pm

Hebrew Office Hours: Wednesdays 11am

Reading Academy Call: First week of each month, Wednesday *time varies 

Do I have to be taking your Greek or Hebrew courses to benefit from being in the community?

Not at all! You can self-study your way through any other Greek material and still benefit greatly from being in the community. Whether you have a grammar of your own, or the Student Edition, the community will give you additional training, support, and a regular way to check in and quickly work through any challenges. 

If I join the community then decide I want access to your courses, can I upgrade?

Absolutely. Many of our community members end up upgrading to a Mastery Membership. If you join the community then decide to upgrade, we will help you do that immediately, and you won’t be charged anything extra til your next monthly payment rolls around! Bonus!

Is the community more suited to beginner level or more advanced?

The community is great for all levels of learners. 

For beginners, you need a good grammar and the ability to self-study your way through it. You’ll benefit most from the Office Hours calls, where you can discuss your learning with an instructor and ask any questions you have. 

For those who are at an intermediate level, the biggest benefit for you will be the Text Reading calls. Every week, you’ll have an opportunity to grow in your reading and translating skills to further your ability to read your bible in the original languages without helps. 

What if I can't attend the live calls?

All our calls are recorded and the replays are available for you to watch. We also have an advanced search tool that allows you to search the video transcript for certain words.

Say if you’re watching a replay of the Office Hours call and you want to find out if anyone asked a question about verbs, all you have to do is type “verbs” in the search bar and you’ll see every point at which verbs were talked about! 

You will also get great support from the general forum. You can ask any question about Greek or language learning and get helpful responses from members around the world.

In short, you’ll still receive a great amount of support without joining the calls, and you’ll have a place to regularly check in and discuss Greek or Hebrew! 


The Community Membership is included in:

The Greek Mastery Membership

When you buy the Greek Mastery Membership, the Community Membership is included in the price. This Membership gives you access to all the Greek Courses for Mastery of the Greek New Testament!

The Community Membership is included in:

The Hebrew Mastery Membership

When you buy the Hebrew Mastery Membership, the Community Membership is included in the price. This Membership gives you access to all the Hebrew Courses for Mastery of the Hebrew Old Testament!

The Community Membership is included in:

The Premium Languages Membership

The Premium Languages Membership is all our memberships rolled into one. This Membership gives you access to everything we offer for both Greek and Hebrew!

Don't Wait, Join Today!

Waiting will only slow your progress with learning a language. 

Without putting to use the things you already know, you’ll eventually forget them and find yourself needing to re-learn them when you finally do get back into the language. 😱

The Community is your ticket to continued growth in reading the biblical languages.