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Reading biblical Greek
shouldn't just be the
work of pastors and

Having your own knowledge of the word of God is an integral part of your walk with Christ. 

Without it, you’re relying on theologians and pastors to interpret the word for you, making you a second-hander. 

With the Mastery Membership, you can go deeper into the word of God than you ever have before by learning to read biblical Greek. 

Dr. Darryl Burling

Biblical Mastery Academy

Gain the skills and knowledge to read the whole Greek New Testament without relying on external tools.

Imagine this: 

One fine morning, you sit down to read your Greek New Testament. 

No translations, no interlinears, no lexicons, and without dependency on Logos Bible Software, or some other tool. 

It’s just you and your Greek New Testament – and you’re able to read and understand it!

This experience helps you deepen your knowledge and love for Christ through the original text and see Christ and His word through a new lense.

Your love for God and for His word will grow.

Learning to read the scriptures in Greek will help you to know the Lord more fully, and as a result, grow in your love for Christ. 

As a you read the language of the New Testament, you are able to behold God through a fresh, first century perspective. Reading in Greek gives you greater insight into what God has revealed about Himself, His redemptive plan, creation, mankind, sin, believers…

In short – everything! 

Ultimately, you will feel that you are able to better see the world through God’s eyes, and in doing so, you will grow in your walk with the Lord. 

As well as that… 

Your ministry will be greatly strengthened by your knowledge of Greek!

Reading Greek paves the way for faithful service to God, because your direct knowledge of scripture drives everything you do. 

This is why members send in testimonials like this: 

The Greek Mastery Membership is a gift from heaven. As a minster of God's Word in a multi-site church, Biblical Mastery Academy has richly blessed my personal relationship with God's Word, and by extension, my churches' walk with Christ Jesus. Based on my personal and professional gains, I know Biblical Mastery Academy will greatly bless you!

Joe Pieretti

Greek Mastery Member

Your personal ministry might be focused in the church, in the home, or on the mission field.. (Including the mission field in your own hometown!)

Wherever and however you serve, knowing Greek will help you be more effective, because your daily interaction with the word shapes your character, and your character is reflected in the way you serve.

To illustrate, let me point out one of the apostle Paul’s concerns for believers

He desired that those to whom he was writing would look more and more like Jesus in their life and character

In other words, he wants believers to be spiritually mature or complete.

Just consider the following passages from Paul’s pen:

Col 1:28-29 We proclaim Him, admonishing every man and teaching every man with all wisdom, so that we may present every man complete in Christ. For this purpose also I labor, striving according to His power, which mightily works within me. 

2 Cor 13:9b this we also pray for, that you be made complete.

2 Cor 3:18 But we all, with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as from the Lord, the Spirit.

The journey of learning Greek will help you grow and mature into the image of Christ, just as God wills for you. (1 Thess 4:3, “For this is the will of God, your sanctification…”)

Here's 4 Ways That Learning Greek Benefits You:

When you read your New Testament in Greek… 

1. You’ll have greater clarity about what the writers of the New Testament books have communicated. As one of our members put it, “I feel like I’m getting to know the authors.”

2. You’ll have greater confidence in your understanding of scripture. You will be relying on your own interaction with the text rather than the thoughts of someone else who has studied Greek. 

3. You’ll also see incredible gains in efficiency because you’re less dependent on the work of others. Instead of spending 10 hours in the commentaries, you can spend 1 in the text!

4. And best of all, you’ll have a vitality to your walk with Christ, a daily joy that is constantly growing deeper. 

But Won't This Take Forever?

Many people argue that learning Greek is a big time investment. This is true, but it disregards the fact that the short term investment of time to learn Greek saves you time in the long run. 

First, because you’re reading scripture in Greek, you don’t need to ask as many questions about what the text means. You know what it means without having someone to hold your hand. 

Not only this, but when you encounter a difficult text, you’ll have a huge advantage. Instead of sifting through varying opinions, and having no way of coming to an answer, your knowledge of Greek will allow you to quickly and effectively evaluate the arguments and conclusions of scholars!

Your knowledge and work will be faster, which creates more clarity in the text than you’ve ever experienced.

In short, knowing Greek will allow you to live out 2 Timothy 2:15.  

“Be diligent to present yourself approved to God as a worker who does not need to be ashamed, accurately handling the word of truth.” 

Accurately handling the word of truth... without needing to be ashamed.

Who doesn’t want that?

Reading in Greek will empower your life and ministry more than any other theological pursuit, because learning and knowing the original languages will immerse you in the word of truth like never before.  

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Ready To Learn Greek?

Take a Systematic Approach With The Greek Mastery Membership!

The Greek Mastery Membership is an all-in-one educational platform that gives you access to:


  • A world class community of instructors and fellow members
  • Greek courses from Beginner to Advanced Exegesis
  • Live cohorts that walk through course material with an instructor on a weekly call
  • Milestones with lessons guiding you through the Greek New Testament, book by book in order of difficulty 


The community is a huge benefit of joining this membership, because you can get quick help with anything you need an answer to.

The community is also where we host weekly calls for support and growth – anyone can join these calls, regardless of which milestone or stage you’re in. 


Courses available inside the membership include: 

  • Beginning Greek (25 weeks)
  • Reading Greek (10 weeks)
  • Greek Sytnax (15 weeks)
  • Interpretation of Ephesians (7 weeks)
We’re always adding new courses to serve our members!47


The live cohorts give you regular opportunities to take one of our courses with a group and an instructor. 

In a cohort, you’ll attend weekly live video calls to discuss the coursework and get personal help from an instructor. 


Milestones are smaller achievements within the big journey! Each milestone contains video lessons guiding you through the New Testament book you’re reading through with the relevant vocabulary for you to learn. 

There are 7 milestones, each containing between 3 and 7 New Testament books.

With the Greek Mastery Membership,
you follow a proven path to success.

Start with our brand new beginning Greek course, Beginning Greek in Small Steps. 

We’ve taught through grammars, but have found that grammars designed for seminary quickly get overwhelming for someone who is not driven by semester constraints and the need to achieve a grade. 

So we started from scratch to design a beginning Greek course that introduces concepts one at a time, in small steps. 

The result is Beginning Greek in Small Steps, a comprehensive beginning Greek course which includes 

  • Video instructions for each lesson
  • Comprehensive grammar explanations
  • Vocabulary for the most common words (and a few others)
  • Downloadable slides/handouts to take notes on
  • Recommended pacing
  • Exercises to learn the concepts, review previously learned concepts, and practice on real New Testament texts. 

Everything is delivered in our online community (also in our mobile app).  So you can ask study, ask questions, and watch call replays wherever you are.

We even provide instructions for downloading the grammar as you progress and compiling your own personal book in Logos Bible Software! 

Go Beyond Beginning Greek to Master the Entire
Greek New Testament

Beginning Greek is only the beginning. We help you read and study the entire Greek New Testament systematically. 

One of the biggest challenges of learning Greek is the sheer size of this task. 

That’s why we’ve broken the task into a series of smaller, bite-sized steps that we’ve put into a logical structure.

Using our system, you’ll read your way book-by-book through the Greek New Testament starting from the easiest book and progressing to the most challenging book of the New Testament. 

Our job is to guide you through every small step until you’re reading your Greek New Testament with clarity and confidence. 

Each time you take a small step, the next one is ready and waiting for you. 

Our system walks you systematically through the journey from Beginner to Mastery.

As you can see in the picture, the books are in a specific order… 

That order is from easiest to hardest in terms of syntactical and lexical difficulty. 

In other words, you will be reading your way through the Greek New Testament from easiest book to hardest!

What’s more, you will learn vocabulary as you go – meaning that for every book you read, you will learn only the new vocabulary you need, building on your existing knowledge. 

This is the exact system I used to teach myself to read the Greek New Testament

and speed way ahead of what seminary was teaching me!

Here’s the story of how this system came about. 

When I was a student in seminary, I had the personal goal of reading the whole Greek NT.  

However, I realized the classes alone were not enough to take me to that goal. I knew if I wanted to succeed, I’d have to come up with a system myself.

So what I did was, I took all the books in the Greek NT… 

Arranged them from easiest to hardest… 

 And spent hours reviewing and arranging the vocabulary for each book. 

I then discovered the secret to being able to read through the New Testament far quicker than any other method I’d seen.  

I couldn’t believe no one else was teaching this. It blew other approaches to learning vocabulary (like the occurrence-based approach) out of the water.  

Once I started using it, I was able to read more of the Greek New Testament, with greater speed, and more ease than most of my classmates.

The system consists of three steps...

And now I teach these steps inside the Greek Mastery Membership so that you can have the same success I did.

This membership has given me a strong foundation in both the vocab and syntax of the Greek through an affordable, easily accessible means of learning from the comforts of home at my own pace. It's been super nice to work with as I'm working full-time, and it's given me exactly what I wanted--being able to read Scripture in its original language! I love it!
Sheylah Bos
Greek Mastery Member
My personal experience with the Greek Mastery Membership and interaction with Dr. Burling has been exceedingly positive in all respects.

After two years in the Greek Mastery Membership program my ability to read and comprehend the Greek texts has soared. Not only have I become fluent with many Greek texts but I’ve also gained clarity and confidence when it comes to preaching and teaching the Scriptures. Above all else, I’m getting to know my Saviour in a deeper way. So, if you’re committed to the task and joy of learning to read the Greek New Testament, this program will get you there!
Steven Pretsel
Greek Mastery Member
As a busy homeschool mom of four, I feel like if I can do this, anyone can. This program has offered the support, guidance, encouragement, and tools that I needed to successfully start and continue my knowledge of Greek.
Meg Smith
Greek Mastery Member
I've long wanted to do away with my Greek reader's edition and read straight from the Greek New Testament with no other aids. However, I couldn't muster the discipline or put together an effective plan to cross that bridge. Biblical Mastery Academy is just what I needed. I love the program, and the milestones, and even the careful order of the books to keep students moving through the readings with as few roadblocks as possible. This is a great system, and I recommend it to anyone who is really serious about reading New Testament in its original language.
Ken Nunemaker
Greek Mastery Member

I've taught this system to Greek Mastery Members, and here's what they say:

I learned Greek in seminary and found it so hard that every day after class, I'd go back to my room and cry, and tell the Lord that I couldn't do this. Then I discovered Biblical Mastery Academy and now I just finished beginning Greek and I love Greek!
Noel Ojendiz
Greek Mastery Member
I am now able to read directly from many Greek texts of the Bible without having to go back-and-forth using time consuming original language helps. Better however, is that the Greek Mastery Membership is not just a self study program. Darryl is personally involved in helping and encouraging all of us in the program to improve our Greek skills. Most important, this is the only program I've found since graduating from Seminary that has made it possible for me to maintain and grow in my mastery of the Greek text of the Bible.
Dennis Davies
Greek Mastery Member
Nothing helps you to learn vocabulary better than to see it immediately in a text you are reading, and nothing helps you to read a text more easily than to have just learned the vocabulary you need for it! Biblical Mastery Academy is like the stabilisers on a training bike, giving support and confidence for the next stage in learning.
Hilary Denufchatel
Greek Mastery Member
I learned Greek at Bible college back in 2004 but lost it all because of the busyness of ministry. Since then I've tried many different methods to relearn it but failed every time until I started on the Greek Mastery Membership. What I really like about the membership is:

1. Its system of learning is clear and systematic. It breaks things down into manageable steps, is easy to follow and you get to see your progress towards the goal of reading the entire GNT.

2. Darryl Burling is really knowledgable, friendly, helpful and he really wants you to be able to read the entire GNT

3.The Community - learning Greek in the courses together with other people who are passionate about the GNT really spurs me on.

Since joining the program I've regained all the Greek that I've lost since Bible college, am now able to read the GNT in my devotion and use it in my sermon prep. I am looking forward to be able to read the whole GNT.
Yuk Yee Foo
Greek Mastery Member

People of all ages, backgrounds, and levels of education have had success by adopting this system of learning.

Now you can too!

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The Greek Mastery Membership offers so much more than just a curriculum.

As a member, you are automatically part of the community!

When I created the Greek Mastery Membership, I didn’t want it to just be an “info-dump” with no personal support. 

I wanted to make sure members were achieving their goal of learning to read Greek. 

So now the membership exists in community where I and other instructors host weekly live calls! 

This allows members to have consistent support, wherever they are at with their Greek. 

Joining weekly calls = Huge growth in your Greek skills

Every week in our buzzing community we offer an Office Hours Call and two Text Reading Calls. 

These calls are an opportunity to check in, bring questions, and make progress with your skills. 

Our Community Calls include:

Greek Office Hours Call

An open call for anyone to join and bring any questions about Greek. Whatever you’re working through, use the Office Hours to interact with an instructor and discuss your current challenges.

Greek Workshop Call

A call to discuss Greek text with a group and instructor. This call offers you the chance to sharpen your translation skills and grow in your knowledge of Greek through interaction with others!

Our Current Call Schedule:

All times quoted in Pacific Time

Greek Office Hours 1:

Tuesdays 3:00pm

Greek Office Hours 2:

Thursday 8:00am

Greek Workshop Call

Mondays 4pm

Greek Workshop Call

Tuesdays 11am

Hebrew Office Hours:

Wednesdays 11am

The Community is also a great place to get support, 24/7!

The Community is where members chat, share, and help one another out.  

You’ll be able to ask any question in the community and get support from people further ahead than you. You’ll get fast responses because the members of this community love to serve and support each other. 

 This kind of support is invaluable. Being able to ask a question and have responses within minutes helps you grow so much faster than if you were studying alone!

As a member, you get access to an ever-growing curriculum of Greek courses...

To help you systematically learn the grammar and syntax of NT Greek!

One of the huge benefits of studying with a membership is that you don’t pay per course, and there’s no time pressure on when you have to complete courses by. 

As a member, you have access to any course you need, as you need it! 

Here are the courses we currently offer: 

Greek Courses

  • Beginning Greek in Small Steps

    Course Outcome: You can read 1 John in Greek, and you are proficient in Beginning Greek grammar.
    Course Length: ~47 weeks

  • Reading Greek

    Course Outcome: You can read John's 3 epistles and 4 of Paul's. Your grammar knowledge is expanding to match your reading abilities.
    Course Length: 10 weeks

  • Interpretation of Ephesians

    Course Outcome: Greater interpretation skills, and understanding of hermeneutics. Clarity in the text of Ephesians.
    Course Length: 14 weeks

  • Greek Syntax (Soon to be updated to Greek Exegesis)

    Course Outcome: Greater skill in reading, translating, and understanding of the intended meaning of the author. You're prepared for exegesis.
    Course Length: 15 weeks

We’re always adding more courses to this membership! 

In this way, the value of the membership is continually increasing – even though the price never goes up for existing members.

Cohorts: Opportunities For Interaction With Instructors!

Cohorts are groups which walk through a course on weekly live calls with one of the instructors at Biblical Mastery Academy. 

This gives you get structure, accountability, and deadlines to keep you motivated. 

We regularly run cohorts for all our existing courses:

Currently we start 4 Beginning Greek cohorts annually! This means if you join one cohort then fall behind, you can self-study until you’re ready to join the next one. 

We also run cohorts for the other courses regularly. With every cohort we aim to choose a time that suits as many people as possible, but not everyone can attend the live calls for their cohort.

That’s why we post the replays for every call inside the community – these are highly valuable for checking your translations against the other members and the instructor’s feedback. 

Systematically read through whole New Testament books

Milestones -The core training of the Greek Mastery Membership that you will not find anywhere else.

Milestones are achievable goals that you can hit along the way toward the big goal  of mastery of the whole Greek New Testament. 

Every Milestone contains a number of New Testament books to read. Video lessons guide you through the grammar concepts of the reading of the week, and you get a weekly set of vocabulary words to learn. 

Our vocabulary acquisition program is the secret behind being able to read New Testament books with confidence and clarity. Greek Mastery Members have proven that this system is one of the most advantageous for those looking to quickly read a large volume New Testament books. 

Compared with other programs, ours boasts of a high reading volume in a relatively short time! 

Learning vocabulary in a strategic order makes all the difference. 

In the Greek Mastery Membership, we make it easy for you. We provide all the vocabulary in digital flashcards decks, compatible with an app which is available on Apple and Google app stores for a low, one-off fee. 

So far, nearly one thousand Biblical Mastery Academy members have had success with our vocabulary acquisition approach as it has helped them read confidently in Hebrew and Greek! 

Look at what Hilary, a Greek Mastery Member says about this vocabulary system… 

Nothing helps you to learn vocabulary better than to see it immediately in a text you are reading, and nothing helps you to read a text more easily than to have just learned the vocabulary you need for it! Biblical Mastery Academy is like the stabilisers on a training bike, giving support and confidence for the next stage in learning.

Hilary Deneufchatel

Greek Mastery Member

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Right Now, You Can
Learn Greek For
69.54% Less Than I
Paid To Learn Greek At

(And you'll learn far more Greek than I did in seminary classes)

When I went to seminary, I paid $6500 USD for seven classes of Greek over 7 semesters. 

That included Beginning Greek, two semesters of Greek Exegesis, and then two more semesters of exegeting a few different NT books, and one class reading through the Church Fathers. 

But I was not taught how to read Greek (even in my Church Fathers class). 

I had to do a lot of self-directed work outside of my regular seminary studies to learn how to read. 

For you however, it would be a different story.  

With the Greek Mastery Membership… 

You could learn to read the whole Greek New Testament in 4 years.

If you paid the annual fee, that’d be $550 a year. 

So if you stayed in the Mastery Membership for four years, your grand total would be $2,200. 

That’s just 30.46% of what I paid for only seven classes of seminary…

And for a far more thorough education in biblical Greek than I ever got!

This has been the most helpful program to keeping me consistent in learning greek since seminary. I had forgotten most of my greek, but the review got me back up to speed and the weekly vocabulary and readings give me a consistent schedule and path forward.
Kevin Craft
Greek Mastery Member

The Price is Going Up!

Right now, the Mastery Membership is just $50/month or $550/year and we’ve held this price for 3 ½ years. 

But the price is about to go up! 


Because we keep packing more value in. 

In the last 12 months alone, we’ve created our new and significantly easier Beginning Greek in Small Steps course, released the Biblical Mastery Academy app (on iOS, Android, and Mac), increased the support we offer, and added new classes for members to take. And there is more to come!

Join now and you get to keep your price as long as you remain a member in good standing!

That’s right. We never put the price up for existing members.

If you want to get the best value for money, this is an amazing opportunity which goes away next week.

Join us, lock in the best price, and start that journey to read the Greek New Testament without help and study it like a scholar. 

I look forward to serving you inside!

In Christ, 

Dr. Darryl Burling

Founder & CEO
Biblical Mastery Academy

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Join the membership today, and the first 7 days are on us. This gives you an opportunity to look around and check out what we offer without any upfront cost. 


Can I Cancel My Monthly Membership Any Time?

Yes, you can cancel your monthly membership at any point. When you cancel, you must acknowledge you will lose your current pricing. One of the benefits of being a member is that the price will never go up for you. 

Can I Pay Annually?

Yes, you can pay annually and save one month per year. The savings is our way of saying thanks to you for your commitment!

Will I Need To Buy Any Other Resources?

Yes, you will need two apps: ParseGreek and Flashcards Deluxe from the App Store or Google Play store. 

You will also need Beginning With New Testament Greek by Merkle and Plummer if you are going through Beginning Greek. 

Do I Have To Start With Beginning Greek?

Not at all. The membership is designed to be flexible! You can start with another course that is more suited to your level, and you can access Beginning Greek to brush up on the basics. 

I'm Already Studying Greek. Will This Be Beneficial To Me?

If you are studying Greek in seminary or college, the Greek Mastery Membership can be a great way to go further than your academic course will take you. Many seminary students enrol with us to learn reading skills that they find are not being taught in their courses. 

If you’re self-studying, you will be surprised at how much faster you can learn with our complete systematic approach!

Why is this a membership?

There are several reasons why we offer a membership rather than just courses:

  1. We are invested (actually we’re obsessed) with your success
  2. Reduces your up-front costs
  3. Go further in your learning than just a course

We’re committed to a membership because it is the best way to help you get the long term results you’re after, and it allows us to continue to invest in the tools and resources that you need to be successful.

This is the last opportunity to join at these prices. Join now and keep your price as long as you remain a member in good standing!

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