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Take small, consistent steps through beginning Greek!

We're obsessed with your progress!

Existing Grammars are designed for full-time seminary students, those drawn by grades or degrees (carrots) or driven by the structure of a semester (a stick if you like).

These grammaras are also constrained by accrediting agencies. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love seminaries, but everyone should be able to experience the riches of scripture motivated simply by their love for Christ and His Word.

Why a new approach is necessary

You probably want to learn Greek because you love Christ and scripture

So do we. 

We believe this should be all the motivation you need to learn Greek. 

We’ve found that seminary-oriented grammars can sometimes crush the joy of learning Biblical Greek by overwhelming the student. 

But if you could take small, consistent steps where you see a little more light every day, we believe your motivation will increase as you learn. 

That’s what we want for you!

Now you can take small, consistent steps through beginning Greek!

We’ve designed a beginning Greek course designed for people who want to know Christ through His Word. 

Don’t just learn Greek…

Develop skill in it, 

Gain confidence with it, 

Use it every day to know Christ and read His Word, 

Learn to read book-by-book through the entire Greek New Testament.

Learn to read and study the New Testament like a scholar for the benefit of your soul!

$50 USD/month or $550 USD/year

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Try The Greek Mastery Membership And I Guarantee You'll Go FURTHER In Your Greek Than You Would In Seminary For A TINY Fraction Of The Price

Here's Why I Can Make Such a Bold Promise.

Two reasons. 

1. Back in the day, I developed a system to learn to read the entire Greek New Testament, mastering whole books at a time. It took me just 3 years to complete every book so I could read anywhere in the New Testament without looking up words or depending on tools. 

This is the same system we use in the Greek Mastery Membership. I’ve now been teaching it for years and have helped hundreds of others gain confidence reading and studying the New Testament!

2. The approach we take is “scripture first”. We have an emphasis on teaching you to read and interpret your Bible, not just helping you learn a language.

Dr. Darryl Burling

Founder and CEO, Biblical Mastery Academy

That’s why in our membership you’ll be on a reading track of New Testament books uniquely arranged in order of difficulty. Every week, you get structured lessons to take you step by step through each book of the Greek New Testament.

But let me back it up a bit.

If you’ve never taken a look at this offering before, you might be wondering exactly what it is we’re offering.

Not a course, not a bundle, but a membership.

There are plenty of offerings out there which promise to teach you New Testament Greek. 

Most of them are either self-study courses or live classes with a rigid timetable.

The problem with self-study courses or bundles is a general lack of support and no further steps, causing you to have to shop around for something new when you surpass the level of the courses offered.

The problem with live programs is generally a lack of flexibility, so when their course ends, you’re left with a big hole in your wallet and no more access to the support you signed up for. 

That’s why Biblical Mastery Academy has decided to do things differently. We work hard to provide an all-in-one solution with our affordable, flexible, comprehensive membership. 

We call it the Greek Mastery Membership. 

But Before I Introduce The Membership, Let Me Remind You...

You Would Pay Thousands To Study Greek In Seminary!

And yet, I’m willing to promise that in 4 years of the Greek Mastery Membership, you could learn just as much (or possibly more) Greek than you would at a PhD level in seminary. 

Going to seminary is a worthy use of time and resources, but it requires huge sacrifices that aren’t possible for everyone. 

Here at Biblical Mastery Academy, we want to equip you with the confidence, clarity and efficiency that comes from having your own interaction with the scriptures in the original languages… 

… And we believe that you don’t have to go to seminary to achieve that. 

Our mission is to bring you a seminary-level membership with not only the coursework but also the community and interaction with instructors that seminaries offer. 

Bear in mind the average annual cost of a year in a Masters of Divinity in the States is $18,519

(according to the Association of Theological Schools)

But hey, we’re not going to teach you a whole Master’s degree, so let’s just imagine we could extract the fee for just the Greek classes from this average annual figure. 

For six semesters of Greek, you’d be looking at paying $8316 or $462/credit hour.

Breaking that down into an annual fee, that’s $2772 a year or $231 a month. 

That’s JUST for Greek!

Here at Biblical Mastery Academy, we are confident we can not only match the level of Greek taught in seminary, we can beat it. 

So considering that, $3000/year would be a fair price for what we offer, right?

But we don’t charge that. 

In fact, we don’t even charge a quarter of that!

Our annual fee is only $550 USD. 

Or if you prefer to pay monthly, it’s a flat fee of $50/month for as much Greek as you can study! You can achieve incredible results with this membership… Read on to find out how! 

$50 USD/month or $550 USD/year

Here's How Our Membership Serves You:

  • You get a program with a clear structure that can take you from where you are now to reading every book in the Greek New Testament
  • You get access to every course you need, as you need it
  • Repeat courses as often as you need to at no additional cost
  • You can choose to study at your own pace or join a live cohort when it suits you
  • You will always have support from me and the Biblical Mastery Academy team, from instructors and from fellow members
  • You get the same benefits of Greek 1:1 coaching by being in group setting, and you’re not paying $50/hour for it

So ultimately, we’re providing you with maximum flexibility and support…

While also providing a structure that gives you a clear path forward.

This membership has served hundreds of people in their journey to mastering the Greek of the New Testament. Here's what some of them have said:

This membership has given me a strong foundation in both the vocab and syntax of the Greek through an affordable, easily accessible means of learning from the comforts of home at my own pace. It's been super nice to work with as I'm working full-time, and it's given me exactly what I wanted--being able to read Scripture in its original language! I love it!
Sheylah Bos
Greek Mastery Member
My personal experience with the Greek Mastery Membership and interaction with Dr. Burling has been exceedingly positive in all respects.

After two years in the Greek Mastery Membership program my ability to read and comprehend the Greek texts has soared. Not only have I become fluent with many Greek texts but I’ve also gained clarity and confidence when it comes to preaching and teaching the Scriptures. Above all else, I’m getting to know my Saviour in a deeper way. So, if you’re committed to the task and joy of learning to read the Greek New Testament, this program will get you there!
Steven Pretsel
Greek Mastery Member
As a busy homeschool mom of four, I feel like if I can do this, anyone can. This program has offered the support, guidance, encouragement, and tools that I needed to successfully start and continue my knowledge of Greek.
Meg Smith
Greek Mastery Member
I've long wanted to do away with my Greek reader's edition and read straight from the Greek New Testament with no other aids. However, I couldn't muster the discipline or put together an effective plan to cross that bridge. Biblical Mastery Academy is just what I needed. I love the program, and the milestones, and even the careful order of the books to keep students moving through the readings with as few roadblocks as possible. This is a great system, and I recommend it to anyone who is really serious about reading New Testament in its original language.
Ken Nunemaker
Greek Mastery Member
I learned Greek in seminary and found it so hard that every day after class, I'd go back to my room and cry, and tell the Lord that I couldn't do this. Then I discovered Biblical Mastery Academy and now I just finished beginning Greek and I love Greek!
Noel Ojendiz
Greek Mastery Member
I am now able to read directly from many Greek texts of the Bible without having to go back-and-forth using time consuming original language helps. Better however, is that the Greek Mastery Membership is not just a self study program. Darryl is personally involved in helping and encouraging all of us in the program to improve our Greek skills. Most important, this is the only program I've found since graduating from Seminary that has made it possible for me to maintain and grow in my mastery of the Greek text of the Bible.
Dennis Davies
Greek Mastery Member
Nothing helps you to learn vocabulary better than to see it immediately in a text you are reading, and nothing helps you to read a text more easily than to have just learned the vocabulary you need for it! Biblical Mastery Academy is like the stabilisers on a training bike, giving support and confidence for the next stage in learning.
Hilary Deneufchatel
Greek Mastery Member
I learned Greek at Bible college back in 2004 but lost it all because of the busyness of ministry. Since then I've tried many different methods to relearn it but failed every time until I started on the Greek Mastery Membership. What I really like about the membership is:

1. Its system of learning is clear and systematic. It breaks things down into manageable steps, is easy to follow and you get to see your progress towards the goal of reading the entire GNT.

2. Darryl Burling is really knowledgable, friendly, helpful and he really wants you to be able to read the entire GNT

3.The Community - learning Greek in the courses together with other people who are passionate about the GNT really spurs me on.

Since joining the program I've regained all the Greek that I've lost since Bible college, am now able to read the GNT in my devotion and use it in my sermon prep. I am looking forward to be able to read the whole GNT.
Yuk Yee Foo
Greek Mastery Member

Here's A Breakdown Of The Amazing Benefits Of Joining The Greek Mastery Membership!

As a member, you can get massive value out of our community, courses, and milestones, 24/7! Plus, once a year we run Certification!


Ever felt like you’re totally alone in your studies of the biblical languages? Not only can that feel demoralising and lonely, you’re also missing two key ingredients for success with learning: Accountability and support.

With the Biblical Mastery Academy community, you can receive accountability and support from other members, instructors and myself!

The community is where all the features of your membership are fully integrated, including your courses. So every time you log in to make progress, you’ll also get to catch up on discussions, member progress, and the latest Grammar Foundations articles. 

But most importantly, you get access to all our live calls, for the lifetime of your membership!

Our regular call schedule includes:

  • Weekly Office Hours calls for Greek and Hebrew 
  •  2x Weekly Text Reading Calls for Greek 
  • Monthly Reading Academy calls to discuss books on language learning and spiritual growth

And of course, we have instructor-led cohort calls for our courses! We start a new Beginning Greek cohort every 2nd month, and new cohorts for our other courses as they are needed. 

Each of our cohorts walks through existing course material, which brings me to my next membership feature…


Overcome any frustration around not having a structure in place with our easy-to-follow courses. Every course is broken into weekly lessons, and every lesson takes you one step closer to reading your New Testament in Greek.

You can go through these courses at your own pace, or join in a live cohort when it suits you.

Our courses include:

  • Beginning Greek
  • Reading Greek
  • Greek Syntax (Greek Exegesis)
  • Interpretation of Ephesians
    …and more to come!

These courses help you with Greek grammar and interpretation. They are designed to assist you as you work your way through the reading track. Each course you take follows the previous course, so that you’re growing systematically and reading your Greek New Testament thanks to…

The Milestones

The Milestones are achievable goals within the big journey of learning to read New Testament Greek.

Each Milestone contains a set number of New Testament books for you to read, and weekly lessons guiding you step by step through each book, as well as learn the vocabulary of each book.

Having the vocabulary arranged book-by-book instead of by occurrence means that you’re memorising strategically. Say goodbye to wasted effort where you learn a word but don’t read it in context for months or even years!

Thanks to the Milestones, you’ll learn your Greek vocabulary exactly when you need to, and then read in Greek using the words you’ve recently learned. This one tactic alone helps you to make leaps and bounds as you learn to read your Greek New Testament.


When you need an objectively demonstrable level of knowledge in the Greek of the New Testament, Biblical Mastery Academy certification delivers. 

Many colleges and seminaries will allow students to waive language classes if they can demonstrate competence. Biblical Mastery Academy Certification is designed to provide clarity that professors and accrediting bodies can evaluate with confidence.

Plus, you can have great confidence in your own ability to read and interpret New Testament texts! 

We ran our first certification exam this past July, and some members passed certification who joined in September 2021. This means if you join now, you could easily be passing Level 1 in July 2023!

Reading whole books of the Greek New Testament is not often taught in courses or even in seminary!

I earned 4 degrees in seminary, and while I took Greek, I was never taught the skill of reading Greek. Seminary classes are far more focused on helping you exegete the text.

Here’s what one of our members (who is also a seminary grad) said about his exegesis after he developed the skills to read confidently through our product:

I've done 2 years of Greek and finished both years with distinctions; however, I still was going through the GNT at a snails pace. Well, that was until you helped me get the vocab stuck in my head in a really practical way! Your method helped me start reading devotionally and also to exegete the text better! I'll be honest, it baffled me that I could get a distinction in NT Greek, but could only take a short piece of text and work with it. I feel as though to exegete well, one must be able to read large portions of text, freely and smoothly. Otherwise, do we not run the danger of missing the broader contexts and flow of thought?
Seth Baguley
Seminary Grad

Just As Seth Says...

The Greek Mastery Membership helps you to read your Greek New Testament "freely and smoothly".

No more reliance on tools, interlinears or a lexicon.

When you can read your New Testament without pausing every couple of seconds to look up a word, you continually grow in clarity about what the word of God says, confidence in your understanding of God’s intentions and character, efficiency in your studies and vitality in your walk with the Lord.

If you’re ready to start working your way towards the clarity, confidence, efficiency and vitality that reading your Bible in Greek offers, read on to hear about the fantastic opportunity we have for you… 

Right Now, We're Starting A New Beginning Greek Cohort!

If you want to learn or refresh your Greek, now is the perfect time to join us!

This cohort will walk through our brand new beginning Greek course, which is based on our own experience and work teaching students over many years.  

This new course breaks Greek into small, consistent steps, that won’t overwhelm you or leave you feeling like you’ve been drinking from a firehose.

This makes it the perfect cohort for those with busy schedules!

Or you might just be the kind of person who prefers to take their time to learn. 

And if you can’t attend the live cohort calls, that’s OK! We record and post replays for every call, so you can still study at the same pace as the cohort! 

Plus, the call replays are valuable for checking your translation work and listening to the discussion on each topic!

P.S. – Want to learn Beginning Greek with another grammar? We have other Beginning Greek courses, including Beginning with New Testament Greek which has another cohort starting soon. Join today and request access!

If You Value Flexibility, You'll Love The Way We Run Cohorts!

We know that despite our best intentions to study hard, life can get in the way sometimes. 

That’s why in our memberships, you can join a cohort at any time, leave at any time, and join the next one… There are no obligations!

Whether you progress ahead of the cohort you’re in, or fall behind, we’ve created a membership that works for you to give you the best chances at success. And even if you can’t join a cohort live, you can always catch up with me or an instructor on the weekly Office Hours call. 

We're Here To Help You Deepen Your Knowledge and Understanding of Scripture

We Know That This Journey Will Greatly Bless Your Walk With The Lord!


Paul writes in Romans 12 that we are to be “transformed by the renewing of your mind“. 

So transformation starts with the mind, through studying the scriptures so that we can start to see the world through God’s eyes.

The more we learn about God, about the world he has made, about ourselves and about humanity, the more our mind is transformed and conformed to Christ. 

As our minds are transformed, this changes our daily thoughts

And because our thoughts are transformed, this affects our feelings, since feelings flow out of thought.  

If our feelings are transformed, then our actions will also be transformed, as what we do comes primarily out of how we feel! 

This in essence, is a picture of sanctification. 

And this is what we’re all about at Biblical Mastery Academy!

Through the transformation of you and I and everyone who pursues the original languages, God can build and mature His church. 

So when we study the original languages, we are also disciplining our minds, and as we read the original languages, we’re thinking more deeply about the Word, and all of this has this transformative effect, refining our beliefs, our affections and our choices. 

Therefore learning the languages is a transforming experience!

I love hearing members tell us about how learning the languages has changed them, and their understanding of scripture!

I’d love to help you experience this transformation too!

Take A Behind-the-Scenes Tour of The Membership! ↓

You're Protected By Our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Join us today, and if you don't love the Greek Mastery Membership you can request a full refund any time in the first 30 days!

It Would Be A Joy To Serve You As You Discover The Wonderful Riches of God's Word In The Language He Inspired It In.

I sincerely hope you take me up on this offer to join us. 

There is little that is more rewarding in one’s spiritual life than to continually be encountering God through the original languages.

With so much to discover, every day that you delay is a day in which you miss out on being able to plumb the depths of scripture in God’s ordained language for the New Testament: Greek. 


Still Hesitating?

Send your questions to [email protected] and we'll get beck to you as soon as we can.