Stop Picking Through the NT in Greek!

Sick of looking up words using Strongs numbers because you can’t directly access or understand the Greek?

Tired of tediously looking through historical lexicons to grab that meaning that suits your expositional purpose?

Want to develop or even refresh your Greek so that you are no longer dependent on tools, but have a base knowledge to draw on?

Do you want to be able to fully utilize exegetical commentaries, follow word usage in unfamiliar texts, benefit from more advanced Greek discussions, and better understand scholarly resources?

Are you ready to take the New Testament in the original language seriously?

Well, now you can with...

The Greek Pro Bundle!

The Ultimate Black Friday Bundle
For A Lifetime Of Learning Greek!

Dr. Darryl Burling

Founder and CEO of
Biblical Mastery Academy
...and your Instructor in Biblical Greek

As great as Strong’s Exhaustive concordance is, it is no substitute for knowing the language and seeing how words are used for yourself

The problem with tools like this is they leave you thinking that the only thing you need to know is the “deeper” meaning of the word. 

But here’s the thing – there is no “deeper” meaning of Greek words. Words take their meaning from their contexts. Certainly words change in their usage and meaning over time, but what a word meant in the past doesn’t necessarily have any bearing on what a word means when the author used it. 

For example the English word “nice” comes from a French word meaning ignorant. But if you were to say that I was calling my wife ignorant when I said she was nice, neither she nor I would thank you for it!  For this reason word studies can expose as much ignorance as they seek to eliminate. I often cringe when I hear people talk about the meaning of a word, because I instantly see a problem with the way they have done their word study, and it is obvious that they don’t understand Greek!

Regardless of what you might have been led to believe by some preacher who made word studies look cool, words are empty without understanding how they are being used – which means we need to know more than just the meaning of the word. Certainly we need a basic gloss, but we also need knowledge of the way the word is being used (i.e. the grammar) and an understanding of how the context influences the meaning of the word.

Not to mention that Strong didn’t necessarily get everything right, and lexicographers often overplay their hand, or don’t always adequately consider the influence of context! But how would you know that? 

The simple truth is that while a word study might help you feel smart, depending on tools like this doesn’t generally help you understand the text better and often masks a lack of knowledge.

There is no substitute for knowing how the language works! Knowing the original Greek means you’ll have clarity in the text, confidence in what the New Testament says, and you’ll be far more efficient in your studies!

What do you need to get to this stage of confidence, clarity and efficiency? 

A seminary degree? 

Certainly that will help, but most of us can’t afford seminary, or take the time out of our responsibilities for seminary. 

Luckily for you, you don't have to!

Everything You Need To
Become a Pro in Biblical Greek!

The Greek Pro Bundle Includes:

Beginning Greek Course Keyed To Mounce's Basics of Biblical Greek

A 32-lesson Beginning Greek course, complete with tailored video lessons, weekly worksheets and weekly digital vocabulary files.

This was the original Beginning Greek course inside the Greek Mastery Membership. 

This Beginning Greek course will give you a firm foundation in Greek grammar and help you work through Basics of Biblical Greek one chapter at a time.

Greek Syntax Course Pulled Straight From The Greek Mastery Membership!

Greek Syntax is a 13 week course keyed to Mathewson and Emig’s Intermediate Greek Grammar, teaching more advanced grammar concepts. This course will give you greater skill in reading, translating, and understanding of the intended meaning of the author, and prepare you for exegesis.

This course has helped hundreds of Greek Mastery Members develop a rich knowledge of the Greek language, learn how the grammar influences the meaning of words and open up a world of scholarly resources that were previously unintelligible. 


Greek Vocab Pack

(formerly known as the Student Edition)

This is my proprietary system for vocabulary acquisition that will assist you in reading systematically through the Greek New Testament. 

There’s nothing more frustrating than having a big goal and no system to get there. The Greek Vocab Pack takes you systematically through the Greek New Testament from the easiest books to learn and read to the most challenging. Not only that but you get my personal glosses designed so that you can learn a word once and have a reliable gloss for every occurrence of the same word.

If you were to go through the Beginning Greek and Greek Syntax courses inside the Greek Mastery Membership, it would take you about 18 months, and then to read your way through the Greek New Testament with all the vocabulary in the Greek Vocab Pack would take you about 2-4 more years. 

A year in the Greek Mastery Membership is $550 USD, so 18 months would cost you around… 

$825 USD.

Today, you can get lifetime access to these courses and resources instead of access through a membership, and you can swipe the whole lot for much less than $825! 

Your Black Friday Price For The Greek Pro Bundle...

Just $500 USD!

That's a $325 Discount Compared To The Cost Of The Greek Mastery Membership!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Offer Available This Black Friday ONLY...
And Then It's Gone Forever!

Yes, it's really true that the Greek Pro Bundle that will give you enough resources to learn Greek for the rest of your life.

Back when I was a student I yearned to master Greek so that I could read my New Testament with confidence, clarity and study with efficiency. But when I looked around for resources to help me, there was nothing on the market that would help me learn to read through the New Testament systematically.

You may know this story already, so I’ll keep it short. Essentially, I spent hours putting together a system of vocabulary acquisition that would allow me to read my way book-by-book through the New Testament. I built up my knowledge of grammar on the side, primarily through seminary classes.

Thanks to the systematic approach I developed, I was able to read my New Testament in Greek faster and with more ease than most of my classmates. Within 3 years, I learned and read through the whole Greek New Testament with the clarity, confidence and efficiency I was longing for, and then I could read the Greek New Testament in 6 months as part of my daily devotions!

Until now, I have taught this systematic approach EXCLUSIVELY inside my paid membership program, the Greek Mastery Membership.

But today, you can get these key components without joining the membership.

Because for you, I’ve put together a bundle that will not only give you the basic foundation, but also give you grammar skills to think deeply and carefully about the word of God from a syntactical point of view. Then using the Greek Vocab Pack you can scale your knowledge to reading the entire Greek New Testament fluently! 

The grammar skills combined with the vocabulary are critical if you want to… 

Having the grammar skills and the systematic approach to learning vocabulary will make you unstoppable in your Greek studies. 

Become a Greek Pro with the Greek Pro Bundle today!

You're Protected By My 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Why Am I Offering Such A Crazy Deal?

I have never offered such a valuable bundle before. Ever since the inception of Master New Testament Greek (now Biblical Mastery Academy) in 2016, I have predominantly taught Greek inside paid memberships only, and sold the vocabulary on its own as a product (but never with any of my Greek courses along with it)!

So Why Give Away My Entire System?

I mean, when you have the Greek courses inside this bundle, along with the vocabulary system, you arguably have all you need for a lifetime of learning Greek, which means you may never need to buy anything from me (or anyone) again! 

Our goal at Biblical Mastery Academy is to serve as many people as the Lord will permit, and I know that there will always be people who prefer an interactive style of learning, and who would rather have a membership that provides them with support and live teaching. 

I also know that some just prefer not to pay a monthly fee and really don’t want or need a community of learners encouraging them on. That’s partly why this bundle exists!

And, for what it’s worth, everything in the Greek Mastery Membership is still exclusive to the membership, because the courses I’m including in this Black Friday bundle are discontinued courses. The membership is always evolving and getting better!

And, its because of the amazing Biblical Mastery Academy members that we can offer a bundle like this to you! 

So this might be right for you if...


With the Greek Pro Bundle you’re getting LIFETIME ACCESS to material which the world has never seen before (outside of the Greek Mastery Membership), and you’re completely protected by my 30 day money-back guarantee if you don’t like it!

That's right - you have 30 days to decide if this Greek bundle is right for you!

I’m so confident that this bundle is incredible value for money that you’ll want to hold on to it for life once you’ve got it!

But if that’s not the case, simply email us at Biblical Mastery Academy within the first 30 days and you can have a full refund (bear in mind you will lose access to the products).

You're Protected By My 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Your Commitment To Learning Greek Is a Commitment To Loving, Knowing and Serving Christ

My team and I are motivated by our love for Christ and the Church. We desire to see people all around the world equipped to go deeper into his word, so that the whole Church may mature into the fullness of Christ (Eph 4:13). 

We want to serve you with the best possible resources so that you can grow in Christ through your interaction with the word. 

As you grow in your ability to rightly divide the word of truth (2 Tim 2:15), you will grow in your love for Christ and your ability to serve his church with your gifts. 

The Greek Pro Bundle will be an asset to your growth in Greek, in the Word of God, and as a result, to your growth in Christ.

This bundle suits every level of Greek learner...

Including complete beginner!

Because I’ve included my original Beginning Greek course in the bundle, you’ll have all you need even if you’ve never learned Greek! This course is keyed to Basics of Biblical Greek by Bill Mounce, but with some nuances and value-added features of my own. 

The Beginning Greek course provides: 

  • Video lessons teaching each grammar concept with minor revisions to Mounce’s 3rd and 4th editions
  • Worksheets for each chapter, providing paradigm charts for you to learn the necessary concepts in each chapter, and review concepts from previous chapters
  • Digital vocabulary flashcards for each chapter, so you can systematically learn the vocabulary using the most effective digital tools available. The vocabulary for this course contains all the words that occur 50x or more in the Greek New Testament, and will get you started on vocabulary so you can read 1 John in Greek.
  • BONUS FEATURE! Replays of cohort calls for the whole course! For every lesson, you also get access to a call replay, where I go through the homework sheet with a group of students. This helps you check your translations against others’, plus hear my feedback and additional teaching. The call replays are invaluable – it’s as if you are sitting in on a Greek class!
See Course Syllabus

Week 1: Practical planning, Alphabet, Managing the Mental Monster

Week 2: Punctuation and Syllabification

Week 3: Nominative and Accusative; Article

Week 4: Genitive and Dative

Week 5: Prepositions and ειμι

Week 6: Adjectives

Week 7: Third Declension

Week 8: 1st and 2nd Personal Pronouns

Week 9: αυτος

Week 10: Demonstratives

Week 11: Relative Pronoun

Week 12: Introduction to Verbs: Present and Active Indicative

Week 13: Contract Verbs

Week 14: Present Middle/Passive Indicative

Week 15: Future Active/Middle Indicative

Week 16: Verbal Roots and Other Forms of the Future

Week 17: Imperfect Indicative

Week 18: Second Aorist Active/Middle Indicative

Week 19: First Aorist Active/Middle Indicative

Week 20: Aorist and Future Passive Indicative

Week 21: Perfect Indicative

Week 22: Present Adverbial Participles

Week 23: Aorist Adverbial Participles

Week 24:Active/Middle Indicative

Week 25: Adjectival Participles

Week 26: Perfect Participles and Genitive Absolutes

Week 27: Subjunctive

Week 28: Infinitive

Week 29: Imperative

Week 30: Indicative of δίδωμι

Week 31: Nonindicative of δίδωμι; Conditional Sentences

Week 32: ἵστημι, τίθημι, δείκνυμι; Odds ‘n Ends

Here's why I chose Basics of Biblical Greek:

Basics of Biblical Greek was the best choice of grammar for a Beginning Greek course when I started teaching in 2016. Since then, other grammars have been published and I’ve switched to using Beginning With New Testament Greek by Benjamin Merkle and Robert Plummer, but there are many reasons why Basics of Biblical Greek is still a great grammar for mastering the basics. Here are a few: 

  • Mounce explains grammar concepts well, giving you an understanding of how they work in English as well as in Greek! 
  • He gives strong morphological explanations for why certain things happen in Greek. Mounce’s approach to morphology is second to none! 
  • You won’t be enslaved to learning paradigms, Mounce gives you just a handful to learn. Mounce’s paradigm system is so good that I adapted (and improved) it for in the Beginning Greek course in the Greek Mastery Membership (even though we’re learning from a different grammar)!
  • You will get clarity on which paradigms to memorise and which you can spend less time on. 

If you don’t own a copy of this grammar already, I recommend you buy a copy of the 4th edition along with the workbook to get the most out of my Beginning Greek course. 

If you learned Beginning Greek in the past with a different grammar, you may not even need to buy a copy – just use the courses videos and worksheet to refresh and memorise grammar concepts you already learned. 

Praise for the Beginning Greek Course...

Joining the Beginning Greek course, not even able to decipher the alphabet, I have been surprised at the progress I have made. This is a very structured, helpful and enjoyable course which through Dr. Darryl Burling’s unique teaching skills has challenged, encouraged and assisted me to understand and begin to appreciate some of the grammatical nuances involved in gaining competence in the reading of the Greek New Testament. I can highly recommend this course to any complete beginner who is contemplating learning or even to anyone wanting to refresh Koine Greek.

Chris Edwards

Beginning Greek Course Student

I have just finished the Beginning Greek Course. I had taught myself Greek many years ago, but lost nearly all of my reading ability by over-relying on electronic tools. I have tried to go back and work on my own, but never got very far. One of the big advantages of Darryl's approach is that he provides a total system, including tools and techniques to aid in learning the Greek vocabulary and grammar. The cohort sessions to review the translations from Mounce's Workbook were so valuable! Darryl structures the course to help you succeed - and this is only the beginning. I highly recommend this program if you want to really learn how to read, understand, and master New Testament Greek. It is well worth the work - the reward is great.

David Sugg

Greek Vocab Pack Customer

Once You Have a Foundation of Beginning Greek, You Can Go Deeper With Greek Syntax!

Learning Beginning Greek grammar is important, because it will equip you translate New Testament text reliably and with confidence.

Most people who complete beginning Greek still lack the confidence and skill to continue to develop their knowledge of the language and so Greek is still difficult and this level of difficulty makes Greek hard to maintain. Learning Greek Syntax and seeing how the grammar works increases your comprehension and clarity in the text. 

Not only will you be able to more fully understand the text, but you’re more likely to keep and further develop your knowledge of the language, opening up much more for you as you continue to grow. 

That’s what the Greek Syntax course provides – a system to equip you with the skills to tackle harder texts so that you can work through them instead of glaze over them. 

Why is Greek Syntax important?

Watch this video to get an idea of why you need to learn Greek Syntax (this is an excerpt from the introduction call for one of our Greek Syntax cohorts inside the Greek Mastery Membership). 

The Greek Syntax course uses the Intermediate Greek Grammar by David Mathewson and Elodie Ballantine Emig. Each of the course lessons corresponds with a chapter of the grammar.

The Greek Syntax course provides:

  • Video lessons teaching each grammar concept
  • Worksheets for each chapter, helping you to internalise concepts you  have learned in the chapter, and translation exercises to help you put what you just learned into practice.
  • BONUS FEATURE! Replays of cohort calls for the whole course! For every lesson, you also get access to a call replay, where I go through the homework sheet with a group of students. This helps you check your translations against others’, plus hear my feedback and additional teaching. The call replays are invaluable – it’s as if you are sitting in on a Greek class!
See Course Syllabus

Week 1: The Cases

  • Nominative Case
  • Genitive Case 
  • Dative Case 
  • Accusative Case

Week 2: Pronouns

  • Personal, Demonstrative, and Reflexive Pronouns
  • Relative and Indefinite Pronouns

Week 3: Adjectives and Adverbs

  • Adjectives
  • Adverbs

Week 4: The Article

  • Article

Week 5: Prepositions

  • Prepositions and Their Use
  • The Meaning of Prepositions

Week 6: Verbs

  • Introduction to Verbal Aspect
  • Aspect and Aktionsart
  • Perfect and Future Tense Form

Week 7: Voice, Person and Number

  • Person, Voice and Number

Week 8: Mood

  • Indicative Mood 
  • Subjunctive and Optative Mood
  • Imperative Mood

Week 9: Infinitives

  • Infinitives

Week 10: Participles

  • Adjectival Participles
  • Adverbial Participles
  • Periphrastic Constructions

Week 11: Clauses

  • Clauses and Conditional Clauses
  • Relative Clauses

Week 12: Dependent Clauses and Conjunctions

  • Dependent Clauses
  • Conjunctions

Week 13: Discourse Analysis

  • Principles of Discourse Analysis 
  • Elements of Discourse Analysis 

Here's why I chose Mathewson and Emig's Intermediate Greek:

Mathewson and Emig have written a grammar that aims to help intermediate Greek learners learn the language in a natural, organic way. 

For this reason, the grammar is not filled with multiple exegetical categories, instead it takes a minimalist approach. Mathewson and Emig argue that the approach to exegetical categories that other grammars take is not how we really understand language.

The problem with too many categories is that we tend to have an artificial understanding of what the text is saying rather having the ability to read it as a real language.

We don’t understand our own language by making up lots of syntactical categories for it, so why would we do that with an ancient language?

Why don’t we instead try and understand the original message the way the authors wrote it rather than try and build out all sorts of different categories? 

That’s what Mathewson and Emig help us do, and for that reason this grammar will be a handy tool to have alongside the Greek Syntax course. 

Praise for the Greek Syntax Course...

The Greek Syntax course has helped me gain a greater appreciation for how the Greek language works. Knowing this has brought a depth to my study of the Greek NT that was missing in years past.

Ken Neighoff

Greek Syntax Student

The Intermediate Greek Course has given me exciting new insights into Koine! Though the content challenged me continually, what I’ve gained (and will continue to gain) from this course is invaluable for understanding the message of Scripture. I believe it’s a necessity for anyone who engages with Koine Greek at a preaching/teaching level. The work is hard but Dr. Burling is gracious and able to teach with clarity. I’m so glad I signed up for this course, no doubt you will be too! 

Steven Pretsel

Greek Syntax Student

For all those former Greek students who have grown rusty in utilizing the value of reading the Greek New Testament, let me encourage you to take this course. Although I always referred to my Greek NT for sermon preparation, I was overly dependent on the tools to cheat my way through the reading. Now, I am sharpening my blade once again and enjoy reading 5 epistles without all the aids. The enjoyment and rich exposure for the Word is coming alive. It is totally worth it. 

Glenn Jago

Greek Syntax Student

The Greek Syntax course crystallized many elements of Koine Greek grammar for me. This is my second time going through an intermediate course (the first was in seminary), and using "Intermediate Greek Grammar" by Mathewson and Emig was helpful in solidifying concepts simply and concisely since it doesn't overload the student with exegetical categories. Instead it helps the student toward reading the text "exegetically" (as Darryl would say). The most helpful part of the course was the weekly exercise work and video calls that focused on the grammatical concepts for that week. This solidified what we learned in a hands-on way. My confidence in recognizing grammatical concepts as I read the New Testament is at an all-time high because of this Greek Syntax course!

Noah Hartmetz

Greek Syntax Student

I would strongly urge anyone looking for an opportunity to deepen their understanding of Biblical Greek to take this course. Having tried other fine courses available online, I am an enthusiastic supporter of THIS course. Darryl is a gifted teacher, who is passionate about helping his students understand the content of the course. My understanding of Greek syntax has grown! If you are considering it, take the plunge, it is well worth it!

Stephen Hackett

Greek Syntax Student

So Yes, This Bundle Takes You From
Total Beginner To Advanced
In Terms Of Grammar...

But What About Learning To Read The Greek New Testament?

That's Where The Greek Vocab Pack Comes In!

Most people can’t read the New Testament because their vocabulary is inadequate. This means they have to stop to look up words or refer to the bottom of the page for a simple gloss. This interrupts their concentration and undermines comprehension. For this reason, most just don’t read their Greek New Testament, and eventually lose their skills with Greek. 

The Greek Vocab Pack (formerly the Student Edition) provides a systematic approach to learning the vocabulary of the Greek New Testament starting from the easiest books of the New Testament and progressing to the most difficult taking into account both syntactical and lexical difficulty. 

By structuring vocabulary acquisition this way we can eliminate words you’ve already learned, reducing the time it takes to learn vocabulary in the next book. 

By simply learning 25 words every week using this system, you’ll be able to read a new book of the Greek New Testament in Greek with full comprehension every 2 months on average! 

If you could read a new book of the Greek New Testament on average every two months, would you be motivated to keep going? I know I was! 

This is why I’m so confident that “small, consistent steps” will lead you to mastery! This system is the key!

This is the most effective approach to learning vocabulary available today!

Many past customers have told us so!

Nothing helps you to learn vocabulary better than to see it immediately in a text you are reading, and nothing helps you to read a text more easily than to have just learned the vocabulary you need for it! Biblical Mastery Academy is like the stabilisers on a training bike, giving support and confidence for the next stage in learning.

Hilary Deneufchatel

Greek Mastery Member

So What Exactly Is The Greek Vocab Pack?

Here are the digital flashcards in action!

The Greek Vocab Pack is a product that contains digital flashcards for every word in the Greek New Testament. 

These digital flashcards are set up to work with a third party app we recommend which you can use on a smartphone, or a Mac.


Each word in the Greek Vocab Pack has my own custom gloss. I reviewed every word in the Greek New Testament and compared its usage to the Septuagint and Apostolic Fathers (both of which use Koine Greek) to capture the lexical idea in a single gloss, so that you can learn a word once and your knowledge of that word will apply every time you see a word (unlike automatic vocabulary generators). 

In addition, we provide a 3rd side to the electronic flashcard which includes the first verse in which that vocabulary word occurs in our book order, so that you can see how the word looks in the Greek New Testament.

The Benefits of Learning With Greek Vocab Pack Flashchards

  • Learn Words By Book

The Greek Vocab Pack offers 8 paths of learning vocabulary, the primary one being “by book”. This means if you already know the words down to 20 occurrences you can just add the words you don’t know in each book. Or if you only know the words that occur 50x or more, then you can build on that knowledge by learning the words for 1 John chapter by chapter (the easiest book in the Greek New Testament). 

Once you have learned the vocabulary and read through 1 John, you move on to learning the vocabulary for the next book, then the next, and so on until you have build the knowledge and experience to read the hardest books in the Greek New Testament (did you know that Acts has the most challenging vocabulary in the whole Greek New Testament?). 

  • Learn With Spaced Repetition

The app which we encourage you to use to learn your vocabulary (Flashcards Deluxe) has a function called Spaced Repetition, which helps you learn a word once, then review it from time to time. The spaces between reviews get longer the more you get each word correct, meaning that you don’t even have to think about which words to review – it’s all automatic! 

  • Learn Thousands of Words With Ease

If you are going to learn all the vocabulary for the Greek New Testament, eventually your knowledge of vocabulary will exceed 1000 words, then 2000, until you get to around ~5,300 unique words in total. 

There is no way to effectively manage learning such a large body of vocabulary without a system that does the hard work for you. With the Greek Vocab Pack, all your vocabulary is stored and your progress is recorded in one place, making it much easier for you to learn, review and add vocabulary as you go. 

Bonus Resources Included in the Greek Vocab Pack

As well as the digital flashcards, the Greek Vocab Pack also contains: 

    • The 3 Month Learning Plan – This will help you create and keep a structured approach to learning your vocabulary and reading your Greek New Testament
    • The Greek Syntax Cheat Sheet – A handy reference guide keyed to 3 popular grammars: Beyond the Basics by Wallace, Going Deeper With New Testament Greek by Kostenberger, Merkle & Plummer, and Prepositions and Theology in the Greek New Testament by Dana Harris
    • The Master New Testament Greek Guide – A PDF Guide to getting the most out of the Greek Vocab Pack, as well as a list of all vocabulary by chapter. 

Praise for the Greek Vocab Pack...

Now, after 20 years in the pastoral ministry I am actually reading my Greek NT rather than tediously dissecting the text for sermon preparation.

This plan is realistic and manageable — even for the full time pastor. I love this simple strategy for maintaining the Greek I already know. Now that I am started with this method I am motivated by the sheer joy of comprehending the New Testament as I read from my Greek Bible.

I wish I would have had this tool when I had completed my first Greek course over 30 years ago!

Ken Anema

Greek Vocab Pack Customer

I have just finished the whole set of Master New Testament Greek vocabulary! I mean that I have added and practiced all the vocabularies of the NT and will continue to practice daily on it. Thanks for making this program so that I can follow a solid plan to achieve this daunting task.

Henry Au

Greek Vocab Pack Customer

Before this program I simply never thought to try and memorize every word of the Greek New Testament. It was too daunting of a task. But memorizing every word of 1 John was a very manageable goal, which then also made memorizing 2 John also manageable, and then 3 John, so on and so forth.

For this reason, I’m convinced that this is the best post-seminary Greek program that a pastor, missionary, Bible translator, scholar, or anyone could embark upon.

Daniel Chin

Greek Vocab Pack Customer

After many years of reading with computer software to see the definition and parsing by hovering the mouse over the greek word, I finally started memorizing with the Greek Vocab Pack. I can now read about 10 books of the NT without using that feature OR the words in the Reader's edition. If you want to read a book several times, or once a year for the rest of your life, the investment in learning vocabulary is well worth the time.

Ronald Miller

Greek Vocab Pack Customer

The program has proved to be very beneficial and motivating. Learning Greek vocabulary was the missing piece in my ability to read the Greek New Testament. I am finally making progress in my ability to read the Greek New Testament.

I also appreciate having a plan. I know exactly where to go next. It was a relief to know it will take 3 1/2 years to read through the entire New Testament at this pace. It took the pressure off, since I felt I should be much farther along by now.

Now I can take small, consistent steps and I will get there.

Lisa Traughber

Greek Vocab Pack Customer

The Greek Vocab Pack Has Even Received Attention From Scholars! Here's What They Say...

While I was teaching the difficult Greek of 2 Peter to a group of graduate students, I was impressed with how one student showed real familiarity with the vocabulary, especially the rarely used words. So I asked the student how he was able to master the vocabulary so well and he told me about his Greek vocabulary acquisition method. Now that student, Darryl Burling, is ready to share that method with you. Learning vocabulary is probably the greatest obstacle to fluently reading the NT in its original language. I heartily recommend Darryl’s method and encourage you to use it!

Dr. William Varner

Professor of Bible and Greek, The Master's University and Seminary

I'm impressed with Darryl Burling's method of tying vocabulary acquisition to a graded reading of actual New Testament texts. It's true that students learn vocabulary best when it overlaps with their reading of Scripture, and they need to start with easier texts and build to more complex ones. I will recommend this resource to my students.

Dr. Robert Plummer

Professor of Bible and Greek, The Master's University and SeminaryProfessor of New Testament Interpretation, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Creator of the Daily Dose of Greek

Any tool that can help students to master the vocabulary of the Greek New Testament is a good thing. Carefully designed for this purpose, the Greek Vocab Pack is one of the best tools available today. Highly recommended.

Dr. Constantine Campbell

New Testament Scholar, Author

So There You Have It...

The Greek Pro Bundle contains all you need to go from wherever you are now to mastery of the Greek New Testament with a proven system. 

If you want to reduce your reliance on tools to understand New Testament Greek, and instead be able to read with confidence, clarity and efficiency, you will be completely equipped to do so with the Greek Pro Bundle. 

You're Protected By My 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Every resource in this bundle is yours to keep for life, meaning you can work at this in your own time, mastering the Greek vocabulary and grammar in however many years it takes! 

This Offer Will Expire Midnight Monday 28th November...

After it’s gone, I will not be reselling this as a bundle, nor will I sell individual access to the courses inside this bundle. 

(The Greek Vocab Pack will continue to be a standalone product, but we’re putting the price up!)

If you want to secure access to the Greek Pro Bundle, you must make a decision to buy before Monday ends. 

I will not be offering any second chances to those who claim they “missed out” on this offer.

If you buy this offer, you’ll have enough course material and vocabulary to see you through to the ultimate goal of reading your Greek New Testament and soaking in the richness of the word through a deep understanding of the syntax. 

If you say no to this offer, then you’re either choosing to go it alone, or pay for courses and resources from elsewhere… But I doubt you will find anything as good as the Greek Pro Bundle in terms of value for money.

You're Protected By My 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Here Is A Recap Of Exactly What You Get When You Purchase The Greek Pro Bundle

Lifetime Access To...

Beginning Greek Course keyed to Mounce's Basics of Biblical Greek

  • Video Lessons
  • Lesson Worksheets
  • Digital Vocabulary Flashcards for Words Occurring 50x or More
  • *BONUS* Cohort Call Replays For Every Lesson

Greek Syntax Course keyed to Mathewson and Emig's Intermediate Greek

  • Video Lessons
  • Lesson Worksheets
  • *BONUS* Cohort Call Replays For Every Lesson

Greek Vocab Pack

  • Digital Flashcards For Every Word in the Greek New Testament
  • 8 Paths of Vocabulary Acquisition To Choose From
  • *BONUS* 3 Month Learning Plan
  • *BONUS* Greek Syntax Cheat Sheet
  • *BONUS* Master New Testament Greek Guide (Including How To Set Up The App)

Total Equivalent Value: $825

(1.5 years in the Greek Mastery Membership)

Black Friday Price: $500!

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Will I Need To Purchase Any Other Resources?

If you want to get the most out of this bundle, then yes. You will find it useful to purchase a copy of Mounce’s Basics of Biblical Greek, as well as Mathewson and Emig’s Intermediate Greek. 

For the Greek Vocab Pack, you will also need to purchase the app Flashcards Deluxe for a small, one-off fee.

How Will I Access My Purchase?

Everything in the Greek Pro Bundle will be available on one online hub. Upon purchasing this bundle, you will be asked to create an account to access this hub. Accessing the hub is easy, and you will be able to reset your password any time with the email address you use at checkout. 

What If I'm Not Happy With My Purchase?

If you buy this bundle and don’t love it, you can request and receive refund within 30 days of purchase. However, please do not buy this bundle if you intend to skim through it then ask for a refund. These resources took time and money to create, and the Black Friday price is incredible value. 

Can I Use This Alongside Other Studies?

Absolutely. If you’re taking a language course in seminary or college, these resources will help you go deeper into Greek and learn the vocabulary in a systematic way that most (if not all) seminaries do not teach. Having these resources will give you a huge advantage!

If I Decide Not To Get This Bundle Now, Will It Ever Be Offered Again?

No. And if I do, it won’t be at this price point again. Jump on it now while you can!

You're Protected By My 30-Day Money Back Guarantee