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Frank Hartmann, PhD candidate at Columbia Biblical Seminary

Hebrew Product Manager, Biblical Mastery Academy

Learn Old Testament Hebrew With Frank Hartmann

Add Hebrew to your membership today to learn how to read, interpret and exegete your Old Testament in its original language.

Even if you’ve never learned any Hebrew, you will be reading scripture from Genesis in just 4 weeks. 

If you join now, you’ll be working through Beginning Hebrew as Frank builds out the course inside the membership.

After Beginning Hebrew, you’ll progress systematically through Hebrew courses and milestones until you reach Mastery of the Old Testament. 

This membership helps you gain confidence with Hebrew by systematically reading the text in order of difficulty. 

What you get as a Premium Languages Member:

On Top of Your Existing Subscription, You Pay:

  • All Greek Courses
  • Greek Cohorts
  • Greek Milestones
  • Greek Vocabulary for Entire New Testament
  • All Hebrew Courses
  • Hebrew Cohorts
  • Hebrew Milestones**
  • Hebrew Vocabulary for Entire Old Testament**
  • Access to Community
  • Office Hours Calls for Hebrew and Greek**
  • Text Reading Calls for Hebrew and Greek**

*Up to $70/month total

**This feature will be added soon. 

Join Now, Be Part of the Membership as It Grows!

We’re building this membership from scratch, meaning if you join now, you’ll be part of it from the start. 

As you grow, so does the membership to cater for you. Starting with Beginning Hebrew, Frank will eventually add Reading Hebrew, Hebrew Syntax, Hebrew Exegesis courses, and Milestones. 

So, If You Plan To Take Even Half Those Courses, Join Now To Secure the Best Deal!

Just $25 Extra Per Month ($70/month maximum)!

Right now the upgrade costs an additional $25 on top of what you’re already paying per month for Greek, up to $70 month. 

So if you’re paying $50/month for Greek, you’ll get Hebrew and Greek for $70/month. 

This is a special offer for the opening of the Hebrew membership. We can’t guarantee that it will stay this low for long!

This is a Highly Competitive Price Compared to Other Hebrew Courses!

No other online program for learning Hebrew will give you: 

  • Courses from Beginning Hebrew all the way through to Advanced Exegesis and Syntax
  • Cohorts which offer live support as you take the courses
  • A Community with support calls and opportunity to chat about learning the language

At such a ridiculously good price!

For example… 

  • The Ancient Languages Institute offers Beginning Hebrew I and II for $1700
  • The Israel Institute of Biblical Studies offers Beginning Hebrew for $1125
  • Bill Mounce’s Beginning Hebrew course is $1100 for 2 semesters…

With the Premium Languages upgrade price of an extra $25 per month, (assuming you finish Beginning Hebrew in 9 months), your final price of Beginning Hebrew comes out at only….

$225! That’s 86.7% cheaper than the Ancient Language Institute’s Beginning Hebrew course! 

PLUS you get to keep your membership for as long as you like, and go at your own pace through the courses!

If You Start Now, You Could Be Reading The Whole Story of Joseph (Genesis 37-50) In 6 Months!

From there, you’ll be taking a streamlined journey through the Old Testament, reading through passages and whole books as you grow in comprehension. This membership will guide you step-by-step through the books of the Old Testament in a strategic order, just like the Greek Mastery Membership! The Hebrew Roadmap below shows how you can get to:
  • Reading the story of Joseph (6 months)
  • Reading Ruth, Jonah and portions of the Torah (9 months) 
  • Reading the story of David in 1 and 2 Samuel and the Psalms (1 year)
  • Reading the entire Torah and some of the history books (2-3 years)

Our aim is to give you the tools, skills, and knowledge to read your whole Hebrew Old Testament with confidence, with only a Hapax Legomena lexicon beside you.

The First Beginning Hebrew Cohort
Kicks Off on Monday 13th June

We’re planning the live calls for 1pm Pacific (Los Angeles Time). 

But even if you can’t join that, we’ll record all the calls so you can watch them in your own time. We’ll also start Hebrew Office Hours calls and Text Reading Calls, as well as support from Frank and others in the Community. 


Will Anything Change In My Greek Membership?

No, everything in your Greek Mastery Membership will stay the same. 

You’ll get access to a separate dashboard for your Hebrew courses, call replays, and cohorts. 

Can I Cancel Greek and Switch to Hebrew?

Yes, the best way to do that is to cancel your Greek membership at https://members.masterntgreek.com/cancel and then wait to hear about the opportunity to join the Hebrew Mastery Membership on the official launch date (May 30th). 

Our Foundation Member launch price will be $39/month for Hebrew only. 

Do I Need To Buy Any Books?

Yes, you’ll need Kutz and Josberger’s Learning Biblical Hebrew (Amazon or Logos), as well as the workbook (Amazon).

Will the Hebrew Vocabulary be Available as Flashcards Deluxe Decks?

Yes, but not all at once. Since we’re building this course out from scratch, the vocabulary cards will become available with each new lesson that gets released. 

Will I Have to Join a New Community?


The Biblical Mastery Academy Community that you already have access to will expand to accomodate Hebrew. 

Will I Need a Computer and a Smartphone?

Yes, you do need both a computer and a smartphone or tablet for an optimal membership experience. 

The Members Dashboard is easiest to use on a computer, but also works well on a tablet.

You’ll need a tablet or smartphone for the vocabulary and parsing apps. 

Will There Be Hebrew Milestones and Advanced Courses?

Yes, but not straight away. 

Since we’re building this membership from scratch, the courses will become available as Frank builds them. (Hopefully always a few steps ahead of members, but it depends on your existing experience.)

Eventually, the Hebrew Milestones and Advanced Courses will be just like the Greek ones – systematically designed to help you read through the Old Testament. 

Is This Self Paced?

Yes, if you want it to be! 

We’re also starting a cohort for Beginning Hebrew with our first welcome call on the 6th June PDT. (Time to be confirmed.)

The cohort will give you an option to study with Frank and a group taking one lesson per week. You’ll meet weekly on zoom to discuss the homework for each lesson.