How to Read the Greek NT like a 1st Century Native

The free roadmap includes everything you need to know about learning and mastering biblical Greek, so you can read the Greek New Testament with clarity and confidence!

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    Dr. Darryl Burling

    Founder and CEO of Biblical Mastery Academy

    Who am I?

    I love the word of God and learned biblical Greek at seminary. I had to work out the best way to learn it, and developed systems to not only ace beginning Greek but also to learn to read the entire Greek New Testament. Now you too can read the New Testament in the original languages devotionally!

    What will you learn?

    • Why learn biblical Greek?
    • How much could I learn in 1 year?
    • How does BMA make the process easier?
    • What tools will I need?
    • When will I be able to read my favorite NT book in Greek?
    • When will I finally "know" Greek?
    • And more...