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What is the Greek Mastery Membership?

The Greek Mastery Membership is a membership which gives you access to all our Greek courses, live teaching calls, and the Biblical Mastery Academy Community. For a flat monthly fee, you get access to an interactive, comprehensive Greek education which takes you systematically through the Greek NT, book by book.

What Our Members Are Saying:

I am so blessed that I can use Greek not only in teaching and sermon preparation but also during my devotional time. I am from the Philippines, and this kind of system is scarce here (and I bet this is one of a kind worldwide). When I was in Bible school, we were taught to do rote memorization, so it got lost easily. But in the Greek Mastery class (though I am not yet done with the beginner class), I got enough confidence to read the book of John in Greek and do my morning devotion using my THGNT. I never thought that I would be able to do it that fast!
Jeff Chavez
Greek Mastery Member
Within a few weeks of starting with the Greek Mastery Membership, I was amazed at how much Greek not only came back to me, but actually improved over what I had learned from college and seminary. We were never really taught how to "read" the Greek text. We were taught more so how to "decode" it, which meant I couldn't read even the most basic words. Now I'm learning how to actually read the text! It's amazing.
Paul Pater
Greek Mastery Member
I learned Greek in seminary and found it so hard that every day after class, I'd go back to my room and cry, and tell the Lord that I couldn't do this. Then I discovered the Greek Mastery Membership and now I just finished beginning Greek and I love Greek!

What used to look impossible, now, thanks to God, Darryl and this beautiful community I've learned the fundamentals. I'm very motivated to keep on the journey of mastering NT Greek!
Noel Ojendiz
Greek Mastery Member
I had studied Greek several years ago, but I didn't move past first year Greek. As the years went on I lost a great deal of knowledge of the language. When I stumbled upon this program, I joined that same day. As a busy homeschool mom of four, I feel like if I can do this, anyone can. This program has offered the support, guidance, encouragement, and tools that I needed to successfully start and continue my knowledge of Greek.
Meg Smith
Greek Mastery Member
When I signed in to the community for the first time, I thought, “Whoa! This is amazing!”
The community of people in the program is friendly and encouraging and they cheer me on in my progress. I love the structure of the Milestones which take me step by step through the entire New Testament teaching me grammar and syntax in small bites along the way.
I just completed the Interpretation of Ephesians course where we dug deeper into the meaning of the book and my understanding of how to interpret Scripture has grown. After being in the program for less than two years, I can now read the New Testament devotionally using the Greek text.

I thought I might learn Greek in this program. I did not expect the personal benefit of character development. Studying the Greek language has helped me to develop diligence, humility, and persistence.
Lisa Traughber
Greek Mastery Member

What Exactly Does the Greek Mastery Membership Offer?

Milestones Which Break The Journey Into Bite Size Pieces

Greek Courses Including Beginning Greek, Syntax, Reading Greek and more

Cohorts With Live Weekly Calls To Walk You Through The Courses

A Community Of Like-Minded Learners And Instructors With Regular Live Calls

These 4 Elements Provide the Structure, Material and Support You Need to Master Biblical Greek!


Learning Greek is like eating an elephant. To succeed, you must break it up into bite size pieces. 

The Milestones do exactly that. They order all the books of the Greek New Testament from easiest to hardest to read. 

Each milestone is like a course – it contains video lessons, worksheets, vocabulary and reading. 

If you want to read the whole Greek NT, you need the Milestones. 


The Greek Courses take you through the fundamentals of Greek and beyond.

The Courses are paired with the Milestones, so that you’re learning the grammar concepts at the right stage of your reading. 

Each of the courses takes you to a new level of confidence in your reading and interpretation. 

Starting from Beginning Greek, we offer courses right up to advanced Greek.


A Cohort is a live walk-through of one of our courses with weekly calls to discuss the homework with an instructor. 

The Cohorts are entirely optional, but highly recommended. Joining a Cohort gives you accountability to check in weekly, and motivation to get the work done before each call. 

You’ll also learn by interacting with an instructor as they explain the grammar concepts!


A Cohort is a live walk-through of one of our courses with weekly calls to discuss the homework with an instructor. 

The Cohorts are entirely optional, but highly recommended. Joining a Cohort gives you accountability to check in weekly, and motivation to get the work done before each call. 

You’ll also learn by interacting with an instructor as they explain the grammar concepts!

How Do I Join?

We open up the doors for new members to join regularly, usually when we have a Beginning Greek cohort starting. If you want to know about the next opening, take our quiz to find out your starting point and start receiving emails from us.

Why Join The Greek Mastery Membership?

Learning Greek is a big task. And at times it gets overwhelming. Here at Biblical Mastery Academy, we know what that’s like. 

Luckily for you, we’ve created a unique approach to learning to read Greek that will make the journey a lot easier.

We call our unique approach the Mastery Method.

Here’s how the Mastery Method helps you master the Greek of the New Testament:

  • Get a quick return on investment for learning vocabulary
  • Quickly read read whole books of the Greek New Testament 
  • Learn everything you need as you go step-by-step from Beginning Greek to reading the book of Acts (the hardest Greek NT book to read)

With the Mastery Method, the focus is on getting you reading and translating scripture as quickly as possible. 

When you learn with us, by week 2 of Beginning Greek, you’ll be reading and translating easy verses from the Greek NT!

By the end of Beginning Greek (which takes roughly 6 months) you’ll know all the grammar and vocabulary to be able to confidently read through 1 John without helps!

And if you’re not a beginner, you don’t have to start in Beginning Greek! You take a helpful quiz at the start of your membership which makes sure you start with the course most appropriate for you. 

But reading 1 John in 6 months isn’t even the best part – the journey gets more exciting as you gain proficiency in reading and translating with the Mastery Method. 

By the end of your first year, you could be reading all of John’s epistles and 6 of Paul’s!

How is this possible?

Well, the Mastery Method is a “reading-first” approach. We want to help you read your Greek NT, while understanding all the grammatical constructs and vocabulary. 

So, here’s how we do it. 

We teach you the grammar and vocabulary that you need to know to be able to read the next book on the list. (We’ve ordered the books from easiest to hardest, based on syntactical and lexical difficulty.)

So in short, you’re learning the vocab and grammar in a strategic order – and reading the books as you go. 

With the Mastery Method, you’ll be able to read the whole Greek New Testament in just four years. (Assuming you’re starting from scratch.)

Compare that with four years in seminary, and you might only learn exegesis and syntax!

In the Greek Mastery Membership, we give you the skills to be able to exegete, interpret and read NT Greek with confidence, clarity and efficiency. 


Dr. Darryl Burling

Creator, Biblical Mastery Academy

The Mastery Method Has Helped Over 1000 People Master Some Or All of the Greek New Testament!

Here's how it all started.

I wanted to learn Greek in seminary so that I could read the New Testament in the original language. I found, however, that seminaries don’t generally teach students to read Greek- they teach exegesis. So I came up with a method to bridge the gap. 

Today, that is the Mastery Method, which I used to learn to read the Greek New Testament, and now I use it to teach others to read!

Here’s what I did to teach myself to read Greek while in seminary: I arranged the books of the Greek NT from easiest to hardest to read, then learned the vocabulary one book at a time. By steadily and consistently learning and reading I managed to read the entire Greek New Testament fluently in 3 years!

Now you can take that same approach with the Greek Mastery Membership!

We open the Greek Mastery Membership to new members fairly regularly, so if you want to be notified about the next chance to join, click the blue button below. 

You get a FREE Roadmap to Mastery and a Biblical Languages Starter Pack when you finish the quiz. 

How The Greek Mastery Membership Serves You

Milestones, Courses, Cohorts and Community

7 Milestones of
Small, Consistent Steps
Toward Mastery

Each of the 7 Milestones contains an ordered set of NT books to read in Greek. 

The books are arranged from easiest to hardest to read based on syntactical and lexical difficulty, so that you make streamlined progress through the Greek NT. 

This is the Mastery Method, and it will take years off your journey to mastery! 

Not only do the Milestones provide you with a graded reading plan, they contain weekly lessons walking you through key grammatical concepts in each book!

This means that as you read, your comprehension and understanding grows. 

The whole journey is mapped out for you, step by step, down to the last detail.

For example, Here's Milestone 3...

You get a weekly video walking you through the text

The lesson includes vocabulary, and explains the grammar concepts you’ll encounter in your reading, and exactly which pages to find the concepts on in different greek grammars. 

As You Can See, The Milestones Are Comprehensive, Systematic, and Streamlined

We are committed to helping you learn to read the Greek New Testament with confidence, for the joy of knowing Christ and understanding the Word of God as He inspired it.

Greek Courses
From Beginning To Advanced

Starting with Beginning Greek, you’ll learn all the basic grammar and vocabulary, which gives you all you need to read your first whole book of the Greek New Testament. 

You then move on to Reading Greek, which will help you read the next 6 books of the Greek NT. Within your first 9 months of a Greek Mastery Membership, you could be confidently reading 7 whole NT books in Greek!

Other courses like Greek Syntax, Interpretation of Ephesians and more will help you advance far beyond the beginner stage. After 4 years in the Mastery Membership, we aim to have you reading Greek at PhD level.

All courses are available for self-study at your own pace.

Courses On Offer In The Mastery Membership

Course Length: 25 weeks

Course Outcome: You can read 1 John in Greek with confidence
Course Requirements: None
Required Reading:

Course Length: 10 weeks

Course Outcome: You can read John's 3 epistles and 4 of Paul's
Course Requirements: Finished Beginning Greek
Required Reading: None

Course Length: 15 weeks

Course Outcome: Greater skill in reading, translating, and understanding of the intended meaning of the author. You're prepared for exegesis.
Course Requirements: Finished Beginning Greek
Required Reading:

Course Length: 7 weeks

Course Outcome: Greater interpretation skills, and understanding hermeneutics
Course Requirements: Finished Beginning Greek and Milestone 1
Required Reading:

Plus, we're adding more courses every year to serve our Greek Mastery Members!

Cohorts For Accountability,
Support and Extra Learning!

You can easily use the Greek Mastery Membership for self-study, but we also provide live cohorts with instructors so you can work in a group, get feedback and and ask questions, and make solid progress. 

We frequently start new Cohorts throughout the year, with 2022 being our biggest year yet – we have six Beginning Greek cohorts starting approximately every two months, catering to different time zones. We offer Reading Greek Cohorts following every Beginning Greek Cohort. 

Work on your own, work with a group, or even jump between cohorts if you want to. The membership is open for you to use as you need it.

The Biblical Mastery Academy Community Provides:

  • A regular check-in with a knowledgable instructor with weekly “Office Hours” calls
  • Quick, reliable support when you’re stuck on a particular topic from hundreds of other members plus our knowledgeable instructors
  • A clear, simple way to grow in reading confidence through 2x weekly Text Reading Calls where you get to read and translate Greek text
  • A structured way to grow in knowledge of and love for the biblical languages through the monthly Reading Academy, our in-house book club.

The Community Calls Include...

Every Week

Join our Office Hours call to ask questions, get help, translate, and stay accountable.

Two Each Week

Live calls to read through Greek Texts from the NT, LXX or Apostolic Fathers in a small group

Each Month

Join us as we read a book each month related to learning the languages.

Praise for the Community:

To sum everything up, here's what you get when you join the Greek Mastery Membership:

Greek Mastery Membership

$50 / month
  • Access to all our courses, from Beginning Greek to Syntax, Interpretation, Exegesis and more
  • Milestone Lessons taking you book-by-book through the Greek NT, with videos and readings
  • Complete vocabulary in digital flashcards for each book of the Greek NT
  • Live Cohorts with Greek instructors, which start regularly throughout the year in different timezones
  • Weekly "Office Hours" calls with me or another instructor for Greek Q&A
  • 2x Weekly Text Reading Calls to improve your reading and translating skills with a Greek instructor
  • The Reading Academy, our monthly book club to help you grow intellectually and spiritually
  • The supportive and encouraging Biblical Mastery Academy Community
  • Your Accomplishments posted in the Community every time you complete a check-in
  • Quarterly Update Calls where I share how the membership is going, what's new, etc
  • Replays of every call, including cohorts and everything in the community
  • Lowest price on the Hebrew Mastery Membership when we launch it in June 2022!

Dr. Darryl Burling

Creator, Biblical Mastery Academy

We look forward to serving you inside the Greek Mastery Membership!

I and the other instructors are looking forward to being a blessing to you in your language learning. 

We love seeing members succeed in attaining each small step toward mastery. Every little win counts, and that’s what we’re about. 

Click the button below to find out your best starting point and when you can join the Greek Mastery Membership. 

You get a FREE Roadmap to Mastery and a Biblical Languages Starter Pack when you finish the quiz. 

Got questions?

We'd love to hear from you!

The Greek Mastery Membership is included in:

Both Languages, One Low Price

When you buy the Premium Languages Membership, the Greek Mastery Membership is included in the price. This Membership gives you access to all the Greek and Hebrew courses in Biblical Mastery Academy at a lower price than joining the two memberships seperately!