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Learn Greek and Hebrew With Our Courses and Cohorts

Get access to all our courses designed to take you from your starting point to mastery, as well as live Cohorts to take you through each course!  


Courses are the bread and butter of our Mastery Memberships. These courses teach the grammar of the languages so you can read, study, exegete and interpret the text. 


Get accountability, structure and support while taking any of our courses with a Cohort. 

Cohorts are live walk-throughs of course homework with an instructor. We start several cohorts a year for each course.

Check Out The Courses Available in Our Mastery Memberships

Greek Courses

  • Beginning Greek

    Course Outcome: You can read 1 John in Greek
    Course Length: 25 weeks

  • Reading Greek

    Course Outcome: You can read John's 3 epistles and 4 of Paul's
    Course Length: 10 weeks

  • Greek Syntax

    Course Outcome: Greater skill in reading, translating, and understanding of the intended meaning of the author. You're prepared for exegesis. Course Length: 15 weeks

  • Interpretation of Ephesians

    Course Outcome: Greater interpretation skills, and understanding hermeneutics
    Course Length: 7 weeks

Hebrew Courses

  • Beginning Hebrew

    Course Outcome: You can read Joseph's story (Gen 37-50) in Hebrew
    Course Length: 26 weeks

Coming Soon...
  • Reading Hebrew

    Course Outcome: You can read Ruth, Jonah and parts of the Torah in Hebrew
    Course Length: TBC

  • Hebrew Syntax

    Course Outcome: Greater skill in reading, translating, and understanding of the intended meaning of the author. You're prepared for exegesis. Course Length: TBC

....And More To Come! We Regularly Add Courses To Expand Opportunities For Members!

Within a few weeks of starting with the Greek Mastery Membership, I was amazed at how much Greek not only came back to me, but actually improved over what I had learned from college and seminary. We were never really taught how to "read" the Greek text. We were taught more so how to "decode" it, which meant I couldn't read even the most basic words. Now I'm learning how to actually read the text! It's amazing.

Paul Pater

Greek Mastery Member

Before I joined the Greek Mastery Membership I was struggling with Greek... [the Greek Mastery Membership] is EXACTLY what I had needed all these years... Now, I have the plan I need to guarantee success (as long as I follow it and put in the work of course!), and an added bonus is the community: it is filled with positive people always willing to help me. There are all sorts of tools to help and again, no shortage of community members willing to help you achieve your goals!

Chan Arnett

Greek Mastery Member

The system that Darryl has developed for getting through the Greek grammar, syntax, and, most of all, the vocabulary is simply brilliant. Not only do you work through all the vocabulary in Greek, but you also get to read through the Greek New Testament as you do it. It is SO rewarding to know for a fact that my learning is actually working and satisfying my desire for Greek.

Larry Ritterbeck

Greek Mastery Member

Read Your Way Through the
Greek New Testament
Hebrew Old Testament
With Achievable Milestones


Milestones contain a graded reading plan and weekly lessons to help you read through the Greek or Hebrew Bible books in order of difficulty. 

You’ll gain confidence, clarity and efficiency in reading your Greek New Testament or Hebrew Old Testament. 

The step-by-step approach beginning with a very clear and helpful textbook (Merkle and Plummer) has been the major breakthrough for me. The weekly lessons on the site combined with the text and Darryl's homework sheets have kept me focused and making steady progress. It gives me hope that finally, after two or three years, I will be able to read the entire Greek NT, which I had not been able to before. And, as a bonus, some Septuagint and Apostolic Fathers.

Michael Hannah

Greek Mastery Member

Darryl is always adding new content to the program. I just completed the Interpretation of Ephesians course where we dug deeper into the meaning of the book and my understanding of how to interpret Scripture has grown. After being in the program for less than two years, I can now read the New Testament devotionally using the Greek text. My devotional time is richer and I am able to study with more depth. I love the structure of the Milestones which take me step by step through the entire New Testament teaching me grammar and syntax in small bites along the way.

I thought I might learn Greek in this program. I did not expect the personal benefit of character development. Studying the Greek language has helped me to develop diligence, humility, and persistence.

Lisa Traughber

Greek Mastery Member

I am so blessed that I can use Greek not only in teaching and sermon preparation but also during my devotional time. I am from the Philippines, and this kind of system is scarce here (and I bet this is one of a kind worldwide). When I was in Bible school, we were taught to do rote memorization, so it got lost easily. But in the Greek Mastery class (though I am not yet done with the beginner class), I got enough confidence to read the book of John in Greek and do my morning devotion using my THGNT. I never thought that I would be able to do it that fast! It motivated me to press on!

Jeff Chavez

Greek Mastery Member

Quickly Gain Reading Confidence
With Our
Vocabulary Acquisition System

Vocabulary System

In the Greek and Hebrew Mastery Memberships, you’ll learn vocabulary using your smartphone or tablet with an app called Flashcards Deluxe.

The vocabulary is ordered by book, not by occurrence, so that you’re learning new vocabulary and immediately reading it in the text. 

I knew that I needed structure, consistency, and accountability and that is exactly what I got with Biblical Mastery Academy. I have been a member for almost 2 years and I can guarantee you there is no way I would’ve advanced the way I have if I had continued what I was doing.

Michele Lewis

Greek Mastery Member

Since joining the membership just over 2 years ago I now have only 5 books of the New Testament left to read. I have learnt over 4000 of the approximate 5300 vocabulary and am progressing in my ability to just pick up my GNT and read without helps.

Neil Ellson

Greek Mastery Member

Nothing helps you to learn vocabulary better than to see it immediately in a text you are reading, and nothing helps you to read a text more easily than to have just learned the vocabulary you need for it! Biblical Mastery Academy is like the stabilisers on a training bike, giving support and confidence for the next stage in learning.

Hilary Deneufchatel

Greek Mastery Member

Get Weekly Support
in the
Office Hours Calls

Office Hours

Got a Greek or Hebrew question?

Need some help with motivation?

Just want to touch base?

Drop into our weekly Greek or Hebrew Office Hours Call to get support and check in with an instructor. 

Grow In Reading Comprehension
With Our
Regular Text Reading Calls

Text Reading Calls

Grow in your ability to read and translate through live calls hosted by one of our instructors. 

Greek Text Reading Calls happen 2x weekly. Each call focuses on a portion of the New Testament or Apostolic Fathers. 

These calls will help your confidence soar in being able to read Greek text, in a low-pressure environment. Suitable for any level after Beginning Greek. 

* Hebrew Text Reading Calls coming soon!

I am encouraged and refreshed each call I attend. I am able to laugh at my confusion and not become discouraged but to just press on knowing that I am going to be held accountable to a group of people who are all in the same boat, all trying to keep taking small, consistent steps. I am encouraged and work even harder knowing I'll be asked to translate!

Joanne Gabler Holmes

Greek Mastery Member

Darryl does integrate readings from the Greek Septuagint, and the Apostolic Fathers. But, even further than this, my interest extends back to Classical Greek and the wider Roman world of the first century. I now have sufficient Greek background to engage with some of these materials. It means learning new things, and new nuances to the Greek, but Biblical Mastery Academy has taught me an overall approach, and the discipline, to be able to embark on eventually mastering these things as well. Without the background of joining Biblical Mastery Academy, I know I would still be floundering with third declension nouns and participles without making progress. The membership provides more than knowledge, it teaches a disciplinary pathway to success.

Philip Storey

Greek Mastery Member

The text reading calls are one of my favorite things about Biblical Mastery Academy! I love the discussion, the practice reading and sight-translating, and I love that we tackle not only New Testament material, but Septuagint and Church Fathers as well.

Ken Nunemaker

Greek Mastery Member

Deepen Your Love For the Languages, Church History and Christian Life
with the
Reading Academy

Reading Academy

Develop not only your language skills but an intellectual love for the languages and the Church. 

The Reading Academy is like a book club: A book is selected monthly, you have 2 months to read it, then you jump on a call with Darryl and other members to discuss your learning. 

If you’ve got a hunger to grow academically, you’ll love the encouragement and structure of the Reading Academy. 

Become Part of a World-Class Community Who Love Learning the Languages of the Bible!

Biblical Mastery Academy Community

The Biblical Mastery Academy Community is a central part of all of our memberships. 

Discuss the languages and the courses, ask a question if you’re stuck, and get to know others who are learning along the same pathway as you! 

I would argue that the most important piece of everything that Biblical Mastery Academy offers is the community of fellow students. In my undergraduate Greek class, no one was there studying ahead with me. No one knew as much vocabulary as me. No one really seemed to share that undying thirst I have for Greek. But here, there are not just fellow students, but fellow believers who want to learn Greek with me and better our relationships with both Christ and one another. If you are having any doubts whether the membership is right for you, I am confident that you will not be dissatisfied.

Larry Ritterbeck

Greek Mastery Member

This community has provided me with: accountability, direction, and camaraderie. These things are invaluable in my greek learning journey. I have a large group of awesome people who love greek as much as I do (and even more) who are excited to learn and discuss the learning progress. 

Shayne Torres

Greek Mastery Member

I am a new member of the community but the warm welcome made me love the language more. To see that you are surrounded by people who love the word deeply and who love God enough to go out of themselves and help others to know Him through His inspired word is mind-blowing. It is truly an exercise of selfless service and delight to be spent for others in Christ.

Jeff Chavez

Greek Mastery Member

The community has been wonderful for just connecting. No matter the question you may have someone is there to answer. Whether it is in reference to Logos Software recommendations, finding recorded Cohort classes, or just reading up on encouraging posts from others who have progressed further through their Greek journey. The Live Calls are great for encouragement first and for most, typically Darryl is so encouraging to everyone, complimenting their progress and pushing them to just keep going. Additionally, there are other members in the live calls, that will give feedback and help explain topics that you may have questions with.

Michael Letson

Greek Mastery Member

It's amazing to meet fellow believers from all over the world unite in one goal, to know God better by learning to read Greek on our own. It's a privilege to experience the universal church at work. I am encouraged and refreshed each call I attend. I am able to laugh at my confusion and not become discouraged but to just press on knowing that I am going to be held accountable to a group of people who are all in the same boat, all trying to keep taking small, consistent steps. I am encouraged and work even harder knowing I'll be asked to translate!

Joanne Gabler Holmes

Greek Mastery Member

Having a community has provided me with impetus and accountability in order to progress in my goals. I have been able to discuss misconceptions with like minded people in an atmosphere free from academic and religious judgement.

Neil Ellson

Greek Mastery Member

Get Objective Proof of Your Competency with Certification


Test out of Greek and leave your translation in the dust!

Biblical Mastery Academy Greek Certification provides hard evidence of competency – prove your knowledge and gain confidence in your abilities!

Each of our Certification Levels correlates to an Academic Equivalence, which means you can waive language classes in seminary or college with demonstration of your competence. 

Also, getting certified gives you confidence and assurance in your level of Greek! 

Revolutionising and Reviving Biblical Learning for the Church

With Four Tiers of Biblical Language Learning Membership!

Community Membership

USD $25 / month
  • Courses and Cohorts
  • Milestones
  • Vocabulary System
  • Office Hours
  • Text Reading Calls
  • Reading Academy
  • Member Community
  • Certification
  • Annual Subscription
    (Get 1 Month Free)

Greek Mastery Membership

USD $50 / month
  • Greek Courses and Cohorts
  • Greek Milestones
  • Greek Vocabulary System
  • Office Hours
  • Text Reading Calls
  • Reading Academy
  • Member Community
  • Certification
  • Annual Subscription
    (Get 1 Month Free)
Premium Languages Membership
is an "upgrade only" membership.

After two years in the Greek Mastery Membership program my ability to read and comprehend the Greek texts has soared.

Not only have I become fluent with many Greek texts but I’ve also gained clarity and confidence when it comes to preaching and teaching the Scriptures. Above all else, I’m getting to know my Saviour in a deeper way. So, if you’re committed to the task and joy of learning to read the Greek New Testament, this program will get you there!

Steven Pretsel

Greek Mastery Member

I learned Greek in seminary and found it so hard that every day after class, I'd go back to my room and cry, and tell the Lord that I couldn't do this. Then I discovered Biblical Mastery Academy and now I just finished beginning Greek and I love Greek!

Noel Armenta

Greek Mastery Member

I learned Greek at Bible college back in 2004 but lost it all because of the busyness of ministry. Since then I've tried many different methods to relearn it but failed every time until I started on the Greek Mastery Membership. Since joining the program I've regained all the Greek that I've lost since Bible college, am now able to read the GNT in my devotion and use it in my sermon prep. I am looking forward to be able to read the whole GNT.

Yuk Yee Foo

Greek Mastery Member

All Our Memberships Come With a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you join any membership then decide it’s not for you, we’ll give you a full refund within 30 days of joining. 


Frequently Asked Questions

We close the membership so we can focus on serving existing members, but when we have a new cohort starting or other strategic opportunity, we open the Greek Mastery Membership, Hebrew Mastery Membership and Premium Languages Membership. This allows us to focus our attention on paying members. To find out when we next open up one of our memberships, join our mailing list! 

Join the mailing list by taking our 30 second quiz! 

We design our memberships to suit the lives of our members. 

This means that if you want to self study, you can! If you want to get involved and be on all the live calls, you can do that too!

Once you choose a membership, the relevant courses to you will be immediately available for self study. We'll also let you know when the next cohorts are starting, so that if you want to be part of a group and follow a schedule, you can.

In other words, you can self-study, work with a cohort, switch between these or even switch between cohorts seamlessly. Whatever suits your needs! 

Community Membership:

Suitable for every level of learner. Best for those who have attained Beginning Hebrew or Beginning Greek and simply want to continue to grow in their language skills through live calls and community interaction. 

Greek Mastery Membership:

Great for any level of learner. Regardless of whether know the alphabet or you've been studying Greek for a couple of years, we have courses and lessons to take you all the way to mastery of the Greek New Testament. 

Hebrew Mastery Membership: 

This is a brand new membership we launched with a Beginning Hebrew course. As members grow, we'll keep adding new courses and cohorts to develop you to mastery of the Hebrew Old Testament.

Right now, the Hebrew Mastery Membership is ideal for those who would like to learn or refresh Hebrew. 

Premium Languages Membership:

The Premium Languages Membership is everything in the Greek and Hebrew Mastery Memberships combined. That means you can be a complete newbie and learn both Greek and Hebrew at the same time (which we generally do not recommend). The Premium Languages Membership is designed to be more affordable than paying individually for the Greek and Hebrew Mastery Memberships. 

We are all for the use of Greek and Hebrew grammars for studying and learning the languages. We even integrate specific grammars with our courses. 

However, learning alone is challenging. On your own there is no accountability, no schedule, and most importantly, no proven system to take you from beginner to mastery. You're left to figure it all out by yourself. Some can do this, but most struggle.

We have had hundreds of members pass through our courses and come out the other side with greater knowledge of the language than when they were self studying using a grammar. Even those who studied the languages in the past find the approach in the memberships takes them well past where they have ever been before!  

We use an optimized form of the grammar translate approach with emphasis on reading naturally for fluency. The material is directly from the Greek New Testament and Hebrew Old Testament so that you will be reading phrases and passages directly from scripture right from the start. The live classes provide plenty of opportunity for discussion and the community members and leaders are available for questions in between classes.

Each lesson of our courses or milestones contains: 

  • A video presentation teaching the material or covering key grammatical concepts in the reading
  • A vocabulary deck of digital flashcards
  • A written lesson summary
  • Homework sheets in PDF or MS Word

Depending on the course you’re taking, the lessons may also be keyed to chapters in a grammar, particularly in Beginning Greek and Beginning Hebrew. 

We also have regular live calls to give members additional support as they work through courses. 

No, we do not charge any additional costs, nor do we charge per course. We don't provide you with the books (which means we don't provide you with the beginning Greek grammar), or the apps that we strongly recommend, but these are inexpensive one-off costs and everything else is included in your monthly membership fee. 

For Beginning Greek, we use Beginning With New Testament Greek by Merkle and Plummer. 


We also have a course built around Mounce's Basics of Biblical Greek which you can work through with self-study. 


For our Reading Greek course we use Mathewson and Emig's Intermediate Greek. 


For Beginning Hebrew we use Learning Biblical Hebrew by Kutz and Josberger

We use an app called Flashcards Deluxe for vocabulary flashcards, available on the Google Play or Apple App store.


Once you have the app set up with your phone, tablet or even desktop for Apple users, you can download the files of flashcards from the member site. We give you one new file per lesson, eventually adding 30 words a week to your vocabulary knowledge. This helps you quickly gain fluency in reading!

Founder and CEO Dr. Darryl Burling studied Greek in seminary. While he learned to exegete the text, the focus was not on how to read Greek. Seminaries and other courses typically focus on exegesis not reading. Biblical Mastery Academy is one of the only biblical language learning providers with a goal to get members to reading fluency, while also growing a deep understanding of grammar and syntax. Oh, and as you progress, we'll also teach you to exegete the text, but from a languages first approach rather than in your English Bible!

Still Got Questions?

Write to us at support [at] biblicalmastery.academy

We would love to hear from you!