Get The Full Picture Of Your Bible By Learning To Understand Old Testament Hebrew

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Do you want to read Hebrew, but just haven't found a way to learn that works for you?

You shouldn’t be stuck reading a translation of the Old Testament.

Your desire to read the original Hebrew is worth the effort…

But when you get lost in a grammar designed for students at seminary,

or make no progress actually reading Hebrew from a Bible,

it seems like a dream you should just give up.

Here's how we can help.

You shouldn’t be stuck reading a translation of the Old Testament. Your desire to read the original Hebrew is worth the effort!

But when you get lost in a grammar designed for students at seminary, or make no progress actually reading Hebrew from a Bible, it seems like a dream you should just give up on.

Here's how we can help.

Introducing the

Hebrew Mastery Membership

Things just got easier.

Biblical Mastery Academy has created the Hebrew Mastery Membership to help you, and other every day people, learn the ancient language of the Bible.

The Hebrew Mastery Membership is like a recipe book that gets you reading Old Testament Hebrew. You just need to follow the steps through the courses and lessons that we provide, and you will learn to read and understand Hebrew!

Lock In Your Price

Whatever price you join at, you get to keep it as long as you remain a member in good standing. We will NEVER put your price up, but we will keep looking for ways to deliver more value.

All Access Flat Rate

Our flat rate gives you access to everything included in your membership. That includes courses, cohorts, and much more. The only additional cost is optional Greek Certification.

Take Classes Until Mastery

You can repeat the courses in your membership as often as you like. Feel free to jump between cohorts as well - you don't even have to tell us. Just keep taking small steps!

The Hebrew Mastery Membership will enable you to...

Finishing beginning Hebrew is one thing, but most students flounder from there. We've developed a program to walk you page by page through the Hebrew Old Testament, starting with the easiest books and progressing to the harder ones, learning the vocabulary as you go! 

Members are always eager to help and encourage other members. If you get stuck, just ask a question in the community and one of our instructors or members (and often both) will jump in and help you out! We want you to succeed!

Join our live calls and ask our instructors questions. Each week, we host an Office Hours call where you can ask any question directly to an instructor. Also, our live cohort calls are a great place to ask questions related to the material you're learning that week. We're here to help!

How are Hundreds of Ordinary, Busy People Gaining Access to the Original Languages of the Bible?

Our Memberships are designed to fit into peoples every day lives. Here are some stories from regular people about how the Hebrew Mastery Membership has helped them learn Hebrew…

The Secret To Our Members' Success

Achievable Online Courses

From complete beginner to deep reader, these courses are developed to help you succeed in mastering Biblical Hebrew.

Qualified Biblical Language Tutors

To guide and encourage you through a journey they have been on and understand

Supportive Online Community

To motivate you while you learn Greek and share a love of the language.

Helpful & Effective Resources

So that you don't waste time or get confused and can focus on your goal, reading Greek.

Just how soon will you start READING Hebrew from the Bible?

At one lesson a week, you will start to read sections of Genesis in Biblical Hebrew in just 4 weeks.

Our approach to teaching Hebrew is scripture first.

So, from 4 weeks onward you will be immersed in reading the Hebrew Old Testament as a large part of your course work.

If you want to read Hebrew from the Bible 4 weeks from now, join the Hebrew Mastery Membership today, we’d love to have you with us!

Read & Study Hebrew Like a Scholar

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Achievable Online Courses

Experienced Biblical Language Tutors

Supportive Online Community

Helpful & Effective Resources

These member stories will change your view about learning Hebrew.

Before: Hebrew was just paradigms with confusion as to how the stems and conjugations fit together. Also, I viewed Hebrew as a language constrained by rigid patterns.

After: Now, I realize that Biblical Hebrew is a nuanced language that emphasizes its spoken nature. The instructor does a fabulous job interacting with the class.

Mark Chenhalls

Hebrew Mastery Member

Although I previously had Hebrew, this has been an amazing refresh and has given me new found confidence in reading and translating.

David Clark

Hebrew Mastery Member

While I had two courses prior study of BH using Zondervan's online course, the emphasis on reading is much stronger in the Hebrew Mastery Membership course. As a result, I feel my ability to read the text has gotten much stronger, while going back over some of the same material I had in Practico and Van Pelt.

Barry Ritchie

Hebrew Mastery Member

I knew no Hebrew prior to taking this course, and I'm a slow language learner (which is why I'm in the half-paced course). But I'm growing in my knowledge of Hebrew and enjoy the Hebrew cohort in which I participate. I also appreciate the pace, as it gives me time to digest the grammar and vocabulary . . . I've gone from knowing no Hebrew to some basic translation work in Genesis.

Jeff Kimble

Hebrew Mastery Member

I like the course. I have learned a lot, I have a learning disability so I like the relaxed atmosphere. I like the whole online Academy concept. I learned so much! The Office Hours calls are great for listening to the questions and answers. Frank is always informative and cares about his students. The book club is awesome too. Frank and Darryl are great instructors. I WILL be renewing my membership in the years to come and will study Greek here too when the time is right for me.

Adrian Clarke

Hebrew Mastery Member

Still not sure if we can help you?

Our goal with the Hebrew Mastery Membership is to continue providing effective programs for learning the biblical languages in a way that helps individuals gain a deep understanding and proficiency in those languages from the comfort of their homes.

This is precisely why we established the Hebrew Mastery Membership — to share this opportunity with YOU.

In our inaugural year of the Hebrew Mastery Membership, we witnessed remarkable enthusiasm and a burgeoning community of learners. As our journey progressed, we refined our methods. We deepened our resources, adding reading classes and new intermediate-level classes to our beginning-level curriculum, significantly enhancing the learning experience for our members. This evolution has allowed us to empower numerous seminary students, pastors, missionaries, lay teachers, and self-study students to unlock the ancient texts of the Bible in their original language, enriching their study, ministries, and personal growth.

Our mission is to assist you in achieving your aspirations of learning how to read your Old Testament in its original language, and we are confident in your success! We would be thrilled to have you join our community and help you maximize your journey through Biblical Hebrew.

You can start learning Hebrew with us for FREE for 7 days. If you don’t think the Membership will work for you, simply cancel in that time and you won’t be charged a thing. 

There’s nothing to lose, join the Hebrew Mastery Membership FREE today and get instant access to all our membership features. 

I look forward to seeing you there,
— Frank Hartmann

Frank Hartmann

Hebrew Manager, Biblical Mastery Academy

Start your 7 day free trial today for instant access to the Hebrew Mastery Membership

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There a Self-Study Option or Do I Have To Follow a Schedule?

Yes! Our entire system is designed for self-study first. But we provide cohorts and other opportunities to meet with other members and learn together. In short, you can use the membership however it best suits you.


Once you join the membership, the courses relevant to you will be immediately available for self study. We’ll also let you know when the next cohorts are starting, so that if you want to be part of a group and follow a schedule, you can.


Not only can you self-study or work with a cohort, you can even switch between self-study and cohorts and switch cohorts whenever you want – you don’t even need to tell us! 

What Level of Experience Do Your Memberships Suit?

Growth Membership

The Growth Membership is designed for those who simply want to grow in Christ likeness and who are not committed to learning the languages.


Greek Mastery Membership

We assume nothing! Regardless of whether you’ve never learned the alphabet or you’ve been studying Greek for a couple of years, we have courses and lessons to take you all the way to mastery of the Greek New Testament.


Hebrew Mastery Membership

This is a new membership we launched in 2022 with our Beginning Hebrew course. We’re adding new courses and cohorts to develop you to mastery of the Hebrew Old Testament.


Premium Languages Membership

The Premium Languages Membership provides everything in the Greek and Hebrew Mastery Memberships combined. That means you can be a complete newbie and learn both Greek and Hebrew at the same time (which we generally do not recommend).


In the Premium Languages Membership we’re also adding additional group-coaching features to help you speed your way through our Mastery Success Path.


The Premium Languages Membership is designed to be more affordable than paying individually for the Greek and Hebrew Mastery Memberships, and includes certification as part of the price.

Can't I Just Learn The Languages From Grammars?

We are all for the use of Greek and Hebrew grammars for studying and learning the languages. We even integrate specific grammars with our courses. 


However, learning alone is challenging. On your own there is no accountability, no schedule, and most importantly, no proven system to take you from beginner to mastery. You’re left to figure it all out by yourself. Some can do this, but most struggle.


We have had hundreds of members pass through our courses and come out the other side with greater knowledge of the language than when they were self studying using a grammar. Even those who studied the languages in the past find the approach in the memberships takes them well past where they have ever been before!  

What Kind of Pedagogy Do You Use To Teach The Languages?

We use an optimized form of the grammar translate approach with emphasis on reading naturally for fluency. The material is directly from the Greek New Testament and Hebrew Old Testament so that you will be reading phrases and passages directly from scripture right from the start. The live classes provide plenty of opportunity for discussion and the community members and leaders are available for questions in between classes.

What Format Are Your Lessons In?

Each lesson of our courses or milestones contains: 

  • A video presentation teaching the material or covering key grammatical concepts in the reading
  • A vocabulary deck of digital flashcards
  • A written lesson summary
  • Homework sheets in PDF or MS Word

Depending on the course you’re taking, the lessons may also be keyed to chapters in a grammar, particularly in Beginning Greek and Beginning Hebrew. 


We also have regular live calls to give members additional support as they work through courses. 

Do You Charge Anything Besides The Monthly or Annual Fee?

No, we do not charge any additional costs, nor do we charge per course. We don’t provide you with the books (which means we don’t provide you with the beginning Greek grammar), or the apps that we strongly recommend, but these are inexpensive one-off costs and everything else is included in your monthly membership fee. 

How Does The Digital Vocabulary System Work?

We use an app called Flashcards Deluxe for vocabulary flashcards, available on the Google Play or Apple App store.


Once you have the app set up with your phone, tablet or even desktop for Apple users, you can download the files of flashcards from the member site. We give you one new file per lesson, eventually adding 30 words a week to your vocabulary knowledge. This helps you quickly gain fluency in reading!

If I Want To Learn The Biblical Languages, Shouldn't I Just Go To Seminary or College?

Founder and CEO, Dr. Darryl Burling, studied Greek in seminary. While he learned to exegete the text, the focus was not on how to read Greek. Seminaries and other courses typically focus on exegesis, not reading. Biblical Mastery Academy is one of the only biblical language learning providers with a goal to get members to reading fluency, while also growing a deep understanding of grammar and syntax. We’ll also teach you to exegete the text from a languages-first approach rather than in your English Bible!


Also, in our memberships, there is no pressure, no deadlines, no exams, and you don’t pay again if you want to repeat a course!

What Other Resources Will I Need To Buy?

For our Greek Mastery Membership, additional resources include:



Flashcards Deluxe (Google Play or Apple App Store)

ParseGreek by Danny Zacharias (Google Play or Apple App Store)



For Beginning Greek: Beginning With New Testament Greek by Merkle and Plummer 

Or, if you have Basics of Biblical Greek by Mounce, and you’d like to self-study, we have a Beginning Greek course available corresponding to the grammar. (Get this grammar on Amazon or Logos)

For Reading Greek and Greek Syntax: Intermediate Greek Grammar by Mathewson and Emig (Amazon or Logos)

For Interpretation of Ephesians: Tyndale House Greek New Testament (Amazon or Logos), and Harold W. Hoehner, Ephesians: An Exegetical Commentary (Amazon or Logos)


For our Hebrew Mastery Membership, additional resources include:



Flashcards Deluxe (Google Play or Apple App Store)



For Beginning Hebrew: Learning Biblical Hebrew by Kutz and Josberger (Amazon or Logos)