Mentor your church through Beginning Greek!

Give your church the gift of reading the New Testament in Greek! 

Why is it hard to teach Greek in a church?

For pastors it takes a few hours to refresh your knowledge of each chapter, prepare to explain it, create teaching aids (e.g. PowerPoint decks), and find examples to explain each concept.

Then comes the class time. Another 1-3 hours, when you have to present the material, answer questions adequately, and ensure students walk away with a clear understanding of each chapter of the grammar you’re using. Eventually, you also have to work through the exercises together too… but that’s the fun part.

Depending on your experience levels, teaching Greek can take hours, or even productive days each week away from your priority to shepherd and teach the flock of God.

Another challenge with teaching Greek in church is that students don’t have grades to attain, and so making your way through grammars and courses designed for seminary students is often too hard for people with jobs, families, and ministry responsibilities.

Regular grammars are just not designed for church members, and make the task of learning Greek much harder than it needs to be.

Leading to failure. 

Many start to learn Greek… but few complete it…

...Here's how the Greek Mentor Program helps

Imagine if we could take away the difficult teaching part, and leave you with the fun part? While making it easier for students to succeed?

The Greek Mentor Program does just that.

The Greek Mentor Program provides our best-in-class Greek grammar, videos, exercises, handouts, pacing guidance, and more directly to you and your students via our website and mobile app.

Each week students log in, watch the video explaining the next element of beginning Greek grammar, download the grammar and exercises, and complete them in their own time.

All you have to do is schedule a time to review the exercises with them and answer any questions arising from the exercises.

We support you as you teach!

Perhaps you want to teach Greek in your church but you’re not sure if you’re ready…

Perhaps your Greek is a little rusty, or you don’t know if you have time to look up the answers to the inevitable questions you used to ask your Greek teacher?

Don’t worry, we’ve thought of that.

You also get access to the full course yourself as part of the Greek Mentor Program, so you can see exactly what your students see!

You can go through the course with your students, refreshing your Greek, giving you more confidence in the classroom.

But there’s more we do to help you.

As part of the Greek Mentor Partner, we’ll provide you with a video walk-through of each lesson’s exercises, explaining all the concepts as we go along. We’ll also provide a written answer key for you to take with you into the class.

Not only that but if you still have questions, we also provide an exclusive instructor community. Inside the instructor community, you can chat directly to the instructors on staff at Biblical Mastery Academy, and get help and insights from other mentors.

How do I start?

The first step is to find a group of people in your church or community who are interested in learnign Greek together. 

When you’re ready to run a beginning Greek course, we will provide you with a link you can send your students to purchase Beginning Greek in Small Steps.

Beginning Greek in Small Steps includes everything a student needs to learn to get started reading and working directly with the Greek of the New Testament. For a one-time fee, students get lifetime access to:

  • Videos for each lesson
  • Comprehensive downloadable written grammar
  • Exercises
  • Vocabulary
  • Instructions for setting up vocabulary as a lifetime habit
  • Module introductions
  • Review modules and quizzes
  • and more

All of this is available directly via our website or mobile app, so students can study wherever they are.

Teach parents, reach children!

One of the benefits of teaching parents Greek is that they develop the confidence to teach their children. 

We support and encourage this practice too! 

We’ve developed our Greek for Kids program on our Beginning Greek in Small Steps course, which means as parents work through Beginning Greek in Small Steps, they can also support their children (8-12) through Greek for Kids. 

Level 1 of our Greek for Kids program as an optional upgrade when students buy Beginning Greek in Small Steps as part of the Greek Mentor Partner.

Greek for Kids is based on Beginning Greek in Small Steps and breaks the material down into even smaller bite-sized chunks, and adds songs and activities specifically for kids.

This means you can mentor parents through beginning Greek and they can mentor their children at the same time, allowing them to learn by teaching.

We believe when parents and children learn together, both are more successful, and the family is strengthened through the interaction with the text and language of the Greek New Testament. 

What does the Greek Mentor Program cost?

The Greek Mentor Program is an online, always-available program designed to provide you support when you need it.

As part of your membership, you get access to all the benefits of our Greek Mastery Membership, which includes:

  • Beginning Greek in Small Steps
  • Live cohorts with our staff instructors (4x per year)
  • Replays of cohort calls
  • Access to our community of online learners
  • 2x weekly Office Hours calls
  • 2x weekly Greek Workshop Calls where we read Greek texts from the New Testament, Apostolic Fathers, and the Septuagint.
  • Our entire success path enabling you to read the Greek New Testament, starting from the easiest books and progressing to the most difficult.
  • Additional online courses designed to take you deeper
    • Interpretation Course
    • Advanced Greek course
    • and more coming!

Not only this, but you also get access to all our Greek benefits in the Premium Languages Membership:

  • Milestone cohorts
  • Greek Grammar Intensives
  • Our Greek certification program

All these benefits are yours for the introductory price of $250/month.

As a member of the Greek Mentor Program, your students can purchase Beginning Greek in Small Steps for 40% off, or US$299 (US$500 value).

I'm a Premium Languages Member, should I upgrade?

Premium Languages Members have access to our certification program and can become certified mentors as part of their membership.

As a certified mentor in the Premium Languages Membership, you can also mentor others through Beginning Greek in Small Steps. There are two primary reasons for Premium Languages Members to upgrade to the Greek Mentor Program.

  1. Earn an income from mentoring

The Premium Languages Membership is an individual membership and provides the ability to teach others Greek as a form of ministry, which is to say without charging for your time.

By contrast, the Greek Mentor Program is intended for those who teach, providing the opportunity to charge for your time.

  1. Lower Student Prices

By enrolling in the Greek Mentor Program your students get a discount on the price they pay for the Beginning Greek in Small Steps material.

Students enrolling under a Premium Languages Member get 20% off the sale price of Beginning Greek in Small Steps (US$399) while students enrolling under the Greek Mentor Program get 40% off  Beginning Greek in Small Steps (or US$299).