Frustrated with having a
big Greek goal
and no system to get there?

Learning to read the Greek New Testament is certainly a big goal. 

With over 5,300 unique words to learn, and 27 books to read, you need a reliable system to be able to accomplish your goal. 

Well, we’ve got a system for you!

A system that will do all the “heavy lifting”, that will streamline the process, and will fit in your pocket!

Introducing: The Greek Vocab Pack!

The Greek Vocab Pack takes you systematically through the Greek New Testament from the easiest books to learn and read to the most challenging. 

Not only that but you get my personal glosses designed so that you can learn a word once and have a reliable gloss for every occurrence of the same word.

(Formerly Known As
The Master New Testament Greek
Student Edition)

The Complete System to Master New Testament Vocabulary

Read your way book-by-book through the Greek NT!

The Greek Vocab Pack is a novel system of learning vocabulary by chapter instead of by occurrence.

You’ll gain comprehension faster, retain your vocabulary far easier, and be able to read your Greek NT sooner simply by following this system.

Most people can’t read the New Testament because their vocabulary is inadequate...

This means they have to stop to look up words or refer to the bottom of the page for a simple gloss. This interrupts concentration and undermines comprehension. For this reason, most don’t habitually read their Greek New Testament, and eventually lose their skills with Greek. 

The Greek Vocab Pack (formerly the Student Edition) provides a systematic approach to learning the vocabulary of the Greek New Testament starting from the easiest books of the New Testament and progressing to the most difficult taking into account both syntactical and lexical difficulty. 

By structuring vocabulary acquisition this way we can eliminate words you’ve already learned, reducing the time it takes to learn vocabulary in the next book. 

By simply learning 25 words every week using this system, you’ll be able to read a new book of the Greek New Testament in Greek with full comprehension every 2 months on average! 

If you could read a new book of the Greek New Testament on average every two months, would you be motivated to keep going? I know I was! 

This is why I’m so confident that “small, consistent steps” will lead you to mastery! This system is the key!

This is the most effective approach to learning vocabulary available today!

Many past customers have told us so!

Nothing helps you to learn vocabulary better than to see it immediately in a text you are reading, and nothing helps you to read a text more easily than to have just learned the vocabulary you need for it! Biblical Mastery Academy is like the stabilisers on a training bike, giving support and confidence for the next stage in learning.

Hilary Deneufchatel

Greek Mastery Member

So What Exactly Is The Greek Vocab Pack?

Here are the digital flashcards in action!

The Greek Vocab Pack is a product that contains digital flashcards for every word in the Greek New Testament. 

These digital flashcards are set up to work with a third party app we recommend which you can use on a smartphone, or a Mac.


Each word in the Greek Vocab Pack has my own custom gloss. I reviewed every word in the Greek New Testament and compared its usage to the Septuagint and Apostolic Fathers (both of which use Koine Greek) to capture the lexical idea in a single gloss, so that you can learn a word once and your knowledge of that word will apply every time you see a word (unlike automatic vocabulary generators). 

In addition, we provide a 3rd side to the electronic flashcard which includes the first verse in which that vocabulary word occurs in our book order, so that you can see how the word looks in the Greek New Testament.

The Benefits of Learning With Greek Vocab Pack Flashchards

  • Learn Words By Book

The Greek Vocab Pack offers 8 paths of learning vocabulary, the primary one being “by book”. This means if you already know the words down to 20 occurrences you can just add the words you don’t know in each book. Or if you only know the words that occur 50x or more, then you can build on that knowledge by learning the words for 1 John chapter by chapter (the easiest book in the Greek New Testament).

Once you have learned the vocabulary and read through 1 John, you move on to learning the vocabulary for the next book, then the next, and so on until you have build the knowledge and experience to read the hardest books in the Greek New Testament (did you know that Acts has the most challenging vocabulary in the whole Greek New Testament?).

  • Learn With Spaced Repetition

The app which we encourage you to use to learn your vocabulary (Flashcards Deluxe) has a function called Spaced Repetition, which helps you learn a word once, then review it from time to time. The spaces between reviews get longer the more you get each word correct, meaning that you don’t even have to think about which words to review – it’s all automatic!

  • Learn Thousands of Words With Ease

If you are going to learn all the vocabulary for the Greek New Testament, eventually your knowledge of vocabulary will exceed 1000 words, then 2000, until you get to around ~5,300 unique words in total.

There is no way to effectively manage learning such a large body of vocabulary without a system that does the hard work for you. With the Greek Vocab Pack, all your vocabulary is stored and your progress is recorded in one place, making it much easier for you to learn, review and add vocabulary as you go.

Bonus Resources Included in the Greek Vocab Pack!

As well as the digital flashcards, the Greek Vocab Pack also contains: 

    • The 3 Month Learning Plan – This will help you create and keep a structured approach to learning your vocabulary and reading your Greek New Testament
    • The Greek Syntax Cheat Sheet – A handy reference guide keyed to 3 popular grammars: Beyond the Basics by Wallace, Going Deeper With New Testament Greek by Kostenberger, Merkle & Plummer, and Prepositions and Theology in the Greek New Testament by Dana Harris
    • The Master New Testament Greek Guide – A PDF Guide to getting the most out of the Greek Vocab Pack, as well as a list of all vocabulary by chapter. 

Praise for the Greek Vocab Pack...

Now, after 20 years in the pastoral ministry I am actually reading my Greek NT rather than tediously dissecting the text for sermon preparation.

This plan is realistic and manageable — even for the full time pastor. I love this simple strategy for maintaining the Greek I already know. Now that I am started with this method I am motivated by the sheer joy of comprehending the New Testament as I read from my Greek Bible.

I wish I would have had this tool when I had completed my first Greek course over 30 years ago!

Ken Anema

Greek Vocab Pack Customer

I have just finished the whole set of Master New Testament Greek vocabulary! I mean that I have added and practiced all the vocabularies of the NT and will continue to practice daily on it. Thanks for making this program so that I can follow a solid plan to achieve this daunting task.

Henry Au

Greek Vocab Pack Customer

Before this program I simply never thought to try and memorize every word of the Greek New Testament. It was too daunting of a task. But memorizing every word of 1 John was a very manageable goal, which then also made memorizing 2 John also manageable, and then 3 John, so on and so forth.

For this reason, I’m convinced that this is the best post-seminary Greek program that a pastor, missionary, Bible translator, scholar, or anyone could embark upon.

Daniel Chin

Greek Vocab Pack Customer

After many years of reading with computer software to see the definition and parsing by hovering the mouse over the greek word, I finally started memorizing with the Greek Vocab Pack. I can now read about 10 books of the NT without using that feature OR the words in the Reader's edition. If you want to read a book several times, or once a year for the rest of your life, the investment in learning vocabulary is well worth the time.

Ronald Miller

Greek Vocab Pack Customer

The program has proved to be very beneficial and motivating. Learning Greek vocabulary was the missing piece in my ability to read the Greek New Testament. I am finally making progress in my ability to read the Greek New Testament.

I also appreciate having a plan. I know exactly where to go next. It was a relief to know it will take 3 1/2 years to read through the entire New Testament at this pace. It took the pressure off, since I felt I should be much farther along by now.

Now I can take small, consistent steps and I will get there.

Lisa Traughber

Greek Vocab Pack Customer

The Greek Vocab Pack Has Even Received Attention From Scholars! Here's What They Say...

While I was teaching the difficult Greek of 2 Peter to a group of graduate students, I was impressed with how one student showed real familiarity with the vocabulary, especially the rarely used words. So I asked the student how he was able to master the vocabulary so well and he told me about his Greek vocabulary acquisition method. Now that student, Darryl Burling, is ready to share that method with you. Learning vocabulary is probably the greatest obstacle to fluently reading the NT in its original language. I heartily recommend Darryl’s method and encourage you to use it!

Dr. William Varner

Professor of Bible and Greek, The Master's University and Seminary

I'm impressed with Darryl Burling's method of tying vocabulary acquisition to a graded reading of actual New Testament texts. It's true that students learn vocabulary best when it overlaps with their reading of Scripture, and they need to start with easier texts and build to more complex ones. I will recommend this resource to my students.

Dr. Robert Plummer

Professor of Bible and Greek, The Master's University and SeminaryProfessor of New Testament Interpretation, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Creator of the Daily Dose of Greek

Any tool that can help students to master the vocabulary of the Greek New Testament is a good thing. Carefully designed for this purpose, the Greek Vocab Pack is one of the best tools available today. Highly recommended.

Dr. Constantine Campbell

New Testament Scholar, Author

The Greek Vocab Pack

Everything You Need To Master The Vocabulary of the Greek New Testament
$ 57 One-Time
  • Systematic, graded approach to vocabulary acquisition
  • Comprehensive PDF with instructions and full vocabulary
  • Digital vocabulary for the entire Greek New Testament
  • Easy-to-access online portal
  • Email-based getting started course with video instructions
  • 8 paths for vocabulary acquisition
  • Bonus: Syntax Cheat Sheet
  • Bonus: 3 Month learning plan to get you started

Why Buy the Greek Vocab Pack?

Take A Systematically Different Approach

Learning vocabulary by occurrence gets harder and less rewarding as you progress. The Greek Vocab Pack leads you book-by-book instead. Each new book builds on the ones prior, meaning your workload adjusts (downward) as you progress. Learn the word, see it in the text, and then recognize it in other texts without any further effort.

Read Books By Graded Difficulty

The order of books in the Greek Vocab Pack is carefully selected based on the difficulty of both the syntax in the book and the volume of unique words in each book. This means you'll quickly master many of the shorter epistles, gaining reading fluency and then move on to larger texts and you'll already know many of the words!

As I mentioned before, by simply learning 25 words every week using this system, you’ll be able to read a new book of the Greek New Testament in Greek with full comprehension every 2 months on average!

Everything Fits In Your Pocket!

If you're going to learn the 5,300 words of the Greek New Testament, you'll need a system that can scale. The Greek Vocab Pack contains digital flashcards compatible with an app that we recommend you buy for $3.99 USD. The app does all the "heavy lifting" for you, by showing you the words you need to learn or review daily, and spacing the repetition of words so that you're reviewing words you know well less often. You also have freedom to arrange your digital flashcards however you like inside the app.

Learn a Word Once, Read it Everywhere!

Glosses in the Greek Vocab Pack are crafted to help you learn the range of a words's use, not just a contextual clue. Each word has been analyzed against BDAG, Liddel & Scott, Abbot, and others and its usage compared throughout the New Testament, the Greek Old Testament and the Apostolic Fathers to provide you with glosses optimized for the entire New Testament.

I Invented This System And Used It To Learn Greek In Under 4 Years...

Now You Can Buy It And Get The Same Results!

Dr. Darryl Burling

Founder and CEO, Biblical Mastery Academy

I created the system of vocabulary acquisition in the Greek Vocab Pack because I wanted to be able to read the Greek New Testament devotionally.

Using this approach, I learned every word of the Greek New Testament in less than 4 years and read through the entire Greek New Testament while working on my Master’s and Doctoral degrees.

Since then, hundreds of students have had success with this same approach. I stand behind this approach and want to help you read devotionally too.

The Greek Vocab Pack

Everything You Need To Master The Vocabulary of the Greek New Testament
$ 57 One-Time
  • Systematic, graded approach to vocabulary acquisition
  • Comprehensive PDF with instructions and full vocabulary
  • Digital vocabulary for the entire Greek New Testament
  • Easy-to-access online portal
  • Email-based getting started course with video instructions
  • 8 paths for vocabulary acquisition
  • Bonus: Syntax Cheat Sheet
  • Bonus: 3 Month learning plan to get you started
Is this suitable for beginners?

This is a vocabulary aquisition system and is not intended to teach you the language and grammar of biblical Greek. But once you’ve finished beginning Greek, this will give you the tools to build your knowledge of Greek by reading. 

The Greek Mastery Membership can help you learn biblical Greek.

Which app do I need to buy?

The app I recommend is called Flashcards Deluxe. It’s available on the Apple App store and Google Play store, and costs $3.99 USD. 

Will I need anything else?

Perhaps. If you struggle to parse words, you might benefit from a parsing app such as ParseGreek. See my review of parsing apps available on the Biblical Mastery Academy YouTube channel.

I've already started learning vocabulary by occurance. Can I still use this?

Yes, absolutely! The MNTG Student Edition includes 8 different paths for vocabulary acquisition. While each approach is sorted book by book, you can learn vocabulary for a book chapter by chapter or by excluding words you’ve already learned based the occurrence system. However, you may find it beneficial to add words you’ve already learned to get a better understanding of the lexical range of these words and to have them all in one app. Either way, the choice is yours.

How will I access my purchase?

The Greek Vocab Pack is available inside an online hub.