Frequently Asked Questions

Why Can't I Join a Mastery or Premium Membership Right Now?

We spend most of our time serving our members, rather than focusing on marketing. Keeping the membership closed helps us maintain our focus on existing members.


We open the Greek and Hebrew Mastery Memberships periodically throughout the year, generally when we start a new cohort. To find out when we next open up one of our memberships, join our mailing list! 


Join the mailing list by taking our 30 second quiz! 

Is There a Self-Study Option or Do I Have To Follow a Schedule?

Yes! Our entire system is designed for self-study first. But we provide cohorts and other opportunities to meet with other members and learn together. In short, you can use the membership however it best suits you.


Once you join the membership, the courses relevant to you will be immediately available for self study. We’ll also let you know when the next cohorts are starting, so that if you want to be part of a group and follow a schedule, you can.


Not only can you self-study or work with a cohort, you can even switch between self-study and cohorts and switch cohorts whenever you want – you don’t even need to tell us! 

What Level of Experience Do Your Memberships Suit?

Growth Membership

The Growth Membership is designed for those who simply want to grow in Christ likeness and who are not committed to learning the languages.


Greek Mastery Membership

We assume nothing! Regardless of whether you’ve never learned the alphabet or you’ve been studying Greek for a couple of years, we have courses and lessons to take you all the way to mastery of the Greek New Testament.


Hebrew Mastery Membership

This is a new membership we launched in 2022 with our Beginning Hebrew course. We’re adding new courses and cohorts to develop you to mastery of the Hebrew Old Testament.


Premium Languages Membership

The Premium Languages Membership provides everything in the Greek and Hebrew Mastery Memberships combined. That means you can be a complete newbie and learn both Greek and Hebrew at the same time (which we generally do not recommend).


In the Premium Languages Membership we’re also adding additional group-coaching features to help you speed your way through our Mastery Success Path.


The Premium Languages Membership is designed to be more affordable than paying individually for the Greek and Hebrew Mastery Memberships, and includes certification as part of the price.

Can't I Just Learn The Languages From Grammars?

We are all for the use of Greek and Hebrew grammars for studying and learning the languages. We even integrate specific grammars with our courses. 


However, learning alone is challenging. On your own there is no accountability, no schedule, and most importantly, no proven system to take you from beginner to mastery. You’re left to figure it all out by yourself. Some can do this, but most struggle.


We have had hundreds of members pass through our courses and come out the other side with greater knowledge of the language than when they were self studying using a grammar. Even those who studied the languages in the past find the approach in the memberships takes them well past where they have ever been before!  

What Kind of Pedagogy Do You Use To Teach The Languages?

We use an optimized form of the grammar translate approach with emphasis on reading naturally for fluency. The material is directly from the Greek New Testament and Hebrew Old Testament so that you will be reading phrases and passages directly from scripture right from the start. The live classes provide plenty of opportunity for discussion and the community members and leaders are available for questions in between classes.

What Format Are Your Lessons In?

Each lesson of our courses or milestones contains: 

  • A video presentation teaching the material or covering key grammatical concepts in the reading
  • A vocabulary deck of digital flashcards
  • A written lesson summary
  • Homework sheets in PDF or MS Word

Depending on the course you’re taking, the lessons may also be keyed to chapters in a grammar, particularly in Beginning Greek and Beginning Hebrew. 


We also have regular live calls to give members additional support as they work through courses. 

Do You Charge Anything Besides The Monthly or Annual Fee?

No, we do not charge any additional costs, nor do we charge per course. We don’t provide you with the books (which means we don’t provide you with the beginning Greek grammar), or the apps that we strongly recommend, but these are inexpensive one-off costs and everything else is included in your monthly membership fee. 

How Does The Digital Vocabulary System Work?

We use an app called Flashcards Deluxe for vocabulary flashcards, available on the Google Play or Apple App store.


Once you have the app set up with your phone, tablet or even desktop for Apple users, you can download the files of flashcards from the member site. We give you one new file per lesson, eventually adding 30 words a week to your vocabulary knowledge. This helps you quickly gain fluency in reading!

If I Want To Learn The Biblical Languages, Shouldn't I Just Go To Seminary or College?

Founder and CEO, Dr. Darryl Burling, studied Greek in seminary. While he learned to exegete the text, the focus was not on how to read Greek. Seminaries and other courses typically focus on exegesis, not reading. Biblical Mastery Academy is one of the only biblical language learning providers with a goal to get members to reading fluency, while also growing a deep understanding of grammar and syntax. We’ll also teach you to exegete the text from a languages-first approach rather than in your English Bible!


Also, in our memberships, there is no pressure, no deadlines, no exams, and you don’t pay again if you want to repeat a course!

What Other Resources Will I Need To Buy?

For our Greek Mastery Membership, additional resources include:



Flashcards Deluxe (Google Play or Apple App Store)

ParseGreek by Danny Zacharias (Google Play or Apple App Store)



For Beginning Greek: Beginning With New Testament Greek by Merkle and Plummer 

Or, if you have Basics of Biblical Greek by Mounce, and you’d like to self-study, we have a Beginning Greek course available corresponding to the grammar. (Get this grammar on Amazon or Logos)

For Reading Greek and Greek Syntax: Intermediate Greek Grammar by Mathewson and Emig (Amazon or Logos)

For Interpretation of Ephesians: Tyndale House Greek New Testament (Amazon or Logos), and Harold W. Hoehner, Ephesians: An Exegetical Commentary (Amazon or Logos)


For our Hebrew Mastery Membership, additional resources include:



Flashcards Deluxe (Google Play or Apple App Store)



For Beginning Hebrew: Learning Biblical Hebrew by Kutz and Josberger (Amazon or Logos)