All Your Questions About Our Memberships Answered, Right Here!

What is a Mastery Membership?

Quite simply, a Mastery Membership is an all-access pass to all our courses, plus all the benefits of the Community.

The Mastery Memberships offers both self-study and interactive options, meaning you get to tailor your experience to how you learn best.

Want to do it yourself? Self-study your way through our courses. You can also watch replays of cohort discussions.

Want to work with a group and an instructor? Join one of our Cohorts – we start these regularly for different courses.

We currently offer the Greek Mastery Membership, and coming soon we have a Hebrew Mastery Membership and Premium Languages Membership (Greek and Hebrew).

What is a Cohort? How long do I have to wait to join one?

A Cohort is a live, weekly class walking members through existing course content (which you already have access to as a member.) Generally one course lesson is reviewed in each weekly class.

Cohorts provide extra accountability, guidance and support. 

Usually we start a new Beginning Greek Cohort once every second month. After completing a Beginning Greek Cohort the next course, Reading Greek, has a Cohort which usually follows at the same cohort time to help ensure a cohort can continue together over multiple courses. Times of Beginning Greek Cohorts change for each new course to allow for various time zone options. If a current cohort meeting time does not fit your schedule, there may be an upcoming one that will. 

If you join the Mastery Membership and there’s not a Cohort starting immediately, you can get support from the weekly Community Office Hours calls or by posting your questions in the Community. 

What is the difference between the Mastery Memberships and a Community Membership?

The Mastery Memberships give you access to course content, Cohorts and Milestones (lessons). 

The Community is a separate site, where members discuss the biblical languages. There are weekly and monthly calls you can join for support, accountability and growth. The Community Membership is perfect for you if you: 

a) Want to self-study through a grammar or other curriculum but still engage with instructors and fellow learners 


b) Have finished Beginning Greek and need a way to continue growing in your reading skills. 

Find out more about the Biblical Mastery Academy Community here

What format are your courses in?

Each lesson of our courses contains: 

  • A video presentation teaching the material or covering key grammatical concepts in the reading
  • A vocabulary deck of digital flashcards
  • A lesson summary
  • Homework sheets in PDF or MS Word

Depending on the course you’re taking, the lessons may also be keyed to chapters in a grammar, particularly in Beginning Greek and Beginning Hebrew.

Can I self study or do I have to join a Cohort?

All our courses are available for members to access any time from their Members Dashboard. You will progress systematically through the courses, depending on your entry knowledge. Each course requires that you have completed the previous one or have equivalent skills/knowledge. 

The Cohorts are an option for regular engagement with an instructor, but they are not mandatory. Here at Biblical Mastery Academy, we give members flexibility to study at their own pace. 

Are there additional costs besides the monthly fee?

We do not charge anything extra besides our monthly fee.

However, there are other resources that you’ll have to invest in to get the best out of the membership. 

You will need a tablet or smartphone for the parsing and vocabulary apps. 

For our Greek Mastery Membership, these include: 


Flashcards Deluxe (Google Play or Apple App Store)

ParseGreek by Danny Zacharias (Google Play or Apple App Store)


For Beginning Greek: Beginning With New Testament Greek by Merkle and Plummer 

Or, if you have Basics of Biblical Greek by Mounce, and you’d like to self-study, we have a Beginning Greek course available corresponding to the grammar. (Get this grammar on Amazon or Logos)

For Reading Greek and Greek Syntax: Intermediate Greek Grammar by Mathewson and Emig (Amazon or Logos)

For Interpretation of Ephesians: Tyndale House Greek New Testament (Amazon or Logos), and Harold W. Hoehner, Ephesians: An Exegetical Commentary (Amazon or Logos)

For our Hebrew Mastery Membership, these include: 


Flashcards Deluxe (Google Play or Apple App Store)


For Beginning Hebrew: Learning Biblical Hebrew by Kutz and Josberger (Amazon or Logos)

How much time am I required to commit?

We recommend spending an hour a day, 5-6 days per week, when you’re in the Beginning Greek or Hebrew phase. Some of this time is reviewing vocabulary or parsing on the apps, which can be done on the go and throughout the day.

However, 30 minutes a day will still be enough to keep moving ahead in the biblical languages. The key is to take small, consistent steps. 

As you grow in proficiency, less daily time is required. That’s because in the beginning you’re building a solid foundation for the rest of your learning.

What kind of Greek do you teach? Which pronunciation?

We teach Koine Greek, the language the New Testament was inspired in. 

We teach Erasmian pronunciation, but we’re not fussy if you’d prefer to use a different kind of pronunciation.