Become a Certified Greek Mentor!

Teaching Greek is hard work.

  • You need to select the right grammar (most people just choose the one they learned with). 
  • Learn the content
  • Figure out how to present it
  • Create slides and find examples to teach through.

All that takes hours.

For most people, this isn’t their job, so this takes hours away from family, ministry, or even job commitments.

But then you have to actually teach it, answer questions, and then meet to discuss the exercises.

So Let's Make this Easy!

What if there was an easier way?

In fact, what if you could take away all the painful parts? Wouldn’t it be great to be able to just mentor people through the fun part: working through Greek texts together.

This is the premise behind Biblical Mastery Academy’s Mentor program.

Certified Greek Mentors have met Biblical Mastery Academy’s Level 1 Certification requirements, which qualifies them to mentor students in their church or community through Beginning Greek in Small Steps.

Become a Mentor, Learn Greek

Certified mentors are able to mentor others through Beginning Greek in Small Steps. You do the work, prepare for your time, and a Certified Greek Mentor can talk through each of the exercises and examples to give you clarity and help you check your work as you learn.


How do I become a Certified Greek Mentor?

Certified Greek Mentors are required to pass Biblical Mastery Academy’s Level 1 Certification. In a nutshell, the main tasks to complete are:

  • Complete beginning Greek
  • Attend Biblical Mastery Academy’s Reading Greek course
  • Learn to read the 7 New Testament books in the Greek Mastery Membership.
  • Sit the spot translation exam and parsing quiz
  • Complete the required reading and reports

Certification is free for Premium Languages Members, and being a Certified Greek Mentor is an additional benefit of the Premium Languages Membership. On completion of Level 1 Certification, simply apply to become a Certified Greek Mentor.


What do Certified Greek Mentors get?

In addition to the regular benefits of the Premium Languages Membership, Certified Greek Mentors also get access to our community of mentors, in order to share resources for teaching, and help solve problems together.

Certified Greek Mentors can also resell Beginning Greek in Small Steps directly to students. This allows them to set up a small group to work through Beginning Greek in Small Steps in their church or community.

Are there different levels of certification?

Yes, there are currently two levels of Certified Greek Mentors. Level 1 Certification allows a Certified Greek Mentor to teach through Beginning Greek in Small Steps.
Level 2 Certification allows a Certified Greek Mentor to teach through Biblical Mastery Academy’s Reading Greek course which Academic Partners have access to.

Does it cost anything to be a Certified Greek Mentor

Our Greek Mentor program is part of our Premium Languages Membership, so there are no additional costs for Premium members.

How do I get started?

Join the Greek Mastery Membership and start your journey to certification by completed Beginning Greek in Small Steps (included in the Greek Mastery Membership).