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Grow Your Skills In Studying The Languages With Logos

Before You Get Started!

Before you even start growing in Logos skills, watch this video on why Logos cannot replace the study of the original languages! 

I highly endorse the study of the languages using tools, but I want to encourage you to go beyond the tools you are using and to grow in confidence, clarity and efficiency with the text as you study it for yourself. 

Start Here: Getting Started Tips and Tricks With Logos!

What is the best way to work with Greek in Logos Bible software? Why does Logos scroll so fast? How can I speed up the way I work in Logos? How do you get started using the search function in Logos? In this video, we’ll look through how I use Logos, talk through how to get started quickly and share some quick tips.

Greek NT: How to use BDAG (and other Greek lexicons) with Logos Bible Software

BDAG, or A Greek–English Lexicon of the New Testament and Other Early Christian Literature (as it is officially titled), is a Greek to English dictionary which I’ve found useful over the years with my own studies. In this video, I demonstrate how I use BDAG on Logos Bible Software. 

Which Books I Recommend For Studying Greek on Logos

I often get asked, what Logos package should I buy to help me learn Greek?

This is a guide for those who are looking to learn the languages, especially Greek. If you are looking to build a library for Greek on Logos, don’t skip this video!

Logos 10 - Recently released!

Every 2 years or so Faithlife releases a new version of Logos Bible Software, and as usual there are lots of great features to consider. I love Logos Bible Software, and use it every day, but we know it is expensive, and with every upgrade we all ask, “Should I upgrade?” What are the most compelling features? Today’s video considers the latter question. I’ve given you 5 things I love in this new version, and at the end I share one thing that I don’t like.

How To Do Morning Devotions In Logos Bible Software

In this video, you will learn… 

  • How I take notes on my morning reading (and why this is so much better than paper notes)   
  • An inbuilt Logos feature that sets up your morning routine for you
  • How to set up a prayer list with regular reminders (great if you have a lot of things/people to pray for)!

And more! 

Logos 10 - Which version should I buy?

What version of Logos do you need? It probably isn’t the most expensive option (thankfully), so in this video, I’ll walk you through the different options and how to make your decision.

Logos 9: How To Use The New Features

Should you buy or upgrade to Logos 9? Here are some of the Logos 9 features demonstrated so that you can make the best decision for purchasing, or just sharpen your skills with using Logos. 

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